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One More Time AGAIN!

One More Time AGAIN!

This just is not funny anymore. Only 5 days left to go and in AF again. This one started about 2 hours ago and is still going strong. Just had an attack on Sunday and one 9 days before that. This is 3 attacks in less than 2 weeks.

SRMGrandma, Remember that conversation about wondering if this would be the one that becomes permanent? Starting to wonder about that a lot.

This is a good one, heart rate is bouncing between 145 and 165. Oh well, 2 hours into it and I have something I have to do in 4 hours so I hope it's over by then.

Oh Well... Just have to ride this horse until it stops running.


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Whaaaaaat? Knock it off! I can't believe it! Sometimes, when I have a fairly short episode, it seems the next one is sooner. Maybe this is just the rest of the last one that was so short. But so aggravating. The good news is that you are just 5 days from that ablation, and if you weren't sure you wanted it before (which you were already sure) you are doubly sure now!

Try to breathe easy. I hope it is over by the time you read this. Thinking good thoughts for you.


Hang in there!!! Hope it's slowed down!!! Take it easy. Think good thoughts!!! Only 5 more days!!! I'm praying for ya!!!


Just getting over an attack that came out of the blue as I was going for a booked appointment with the Doc to tell him how well I was feeling! That was Tues at 10.00 am. I took another flecainide . My daughter drove me to the surgery( I'd intended to walk) and was given a beta blocker . Dr gave me a letter for the hospital but I said I'd rest at home first he gave me til 2.00pm. Heart went back into sinus rythym at 2.05 with a huge bang in my head. After that I had to stay in bed until this morning as I was completey washed out.

The bang and physical shock of the explosion in my head really frightened me I had it like this last time, last year, but not so strong. Has anyone else experienced this?

I do hope your attack clears quickly and that the ablation is successful I'll be thinking of you. Good luck.


yeah I had this experience of the bang in head,a long time ago, and thank goodness I haven't had it since,and don't want it, it really frightened me,hope you are ok now?


Sorry to hear that you had yet another attack Tim, please let us know how you are now. As SRMGrandma says, at least you know you are doing the right thing by going for surgery.

Terjo - interesting to hear you comments about a bang in the head when getting back to NSR. I was recently in hospital and was given betablockers on top of the flecainide for my attack, once my heart rate calmed down to 100 the doctor said I could go home, I disconnected myself from the monitor, put my coat on and bang I almost passed out, blood pressure dropped I felt really ill, so they connected me back to the monitor and had to stay in until my blood pressure went up again. The doctor says that sometimes when the heart goes back into NSR after being in AF in can pause just for a second, which caused me to pass out, do you think yours could have been a lack of blood to the brain for a second before you went back to NSR? Wendy.


Hey all.... Thanks for the kind words and prayers. SOrry I didn't back on here last night and let you know that it was over. This one lasted about 5 hours and stopped, as normally, on its own.

Only 4 more days and I pray this wil all be over...

Again Thank you all!


Prayers are being sent your way!!! I pray all goes well tomorrow!!!! Please keep us updated!!! So happy for you.


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