Well after bein in af for 13 out of 16 days (not all time few hours of regular heart rate) and after a couple of days in York and suffering really badly with palpitations exhaustion and chest pain here I am in ae. Given aspirin. Clopidogrel and extra bisoprolol and overnight its stopped well apart from tons of ectopics.

Doc has upped my bisoprolol by a tiny amount but im only on a 5mg as my resting heart rate is usually only 40's. Just hope the extra bisop doesnt lower it further. Awaiting blood tests results as one came back borderline and consultant did mention tiny heart attack but he didnt think so. Told him im awaiting an ablation and they said they would ring the hospital im due to have it at so lets see what happens there. Told him ill be back in af by Monday as its getting predictable. Sorry bout long post but after two year of heart problems (not just af) I finally broke down last night. But positive pants on today x

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  • That sounds just awful, jules and certainly enough to make me break down several times over. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better today and hopefully your ablation might be moved on more quickly if the consultant pushes a bit.

    Best wishes xx

  • Thanks Finvola. On way home with the extra bisoprolol. No heart attack and told they will email my cardiologist but ive heard that numerous times from them and when asked at clinic appts no emails received so I guess I just pester my cardiologists secretary a bit more. Told them here id be back in couple days x

  • Good news re the heart attack and yes, so often we have to assertively follow up on promises and check if things have been done. xx

  • I so get it! Sometimes I feel I am not listened to. I have been advised to call an ambulance after 5 minutes, but as I am just monitored given extra bisoprolol and discharged. What's the point. Consultant gave me blood thinners and a six month appointment are we supposed to just live with it? Hope your ok

  • The point is to get an ECG and to ensure that BP and he are too low or too high. If you call 999 then paramedics will do all 3 and then decide. You also get the evidence for consultant

  • sorry to hear this- must be bad for you just now. It's good to hear you have other treatment lined up- be careful to check pulse so you can get meds reduced by doctors if pulse drops too much

    Good luck

  • Jules you can get a report from the hospital and send it to your Cardiologist or EP direcly. I did this and also made sure that there was a copy of the ECG trace with the report. This seemed to help speed things up for me.

    All the best.

  • Hi everyone just quick update. Jumped back in again Sunday night and heart rate still jumping about today but putting up with it (just). Been taking the extra bisoprlol as well. Dont think my af the main problem as I am totally exhausted even walking ten metres and still got bit chest pain. So ill be off to ae again. I have Dilated Cardiomyopathy as well as couple other heart things so need it checking. Ill keep everyone up-dated x

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