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Day out

We went near the mountains on Sunday to a reunion of the army unit my husband used to be in (Alpini). The meal was the usual 5 or 6 course Italian lunch, and as it was at the brewery there beer was flowing freely. I went prepared for the cold (unlike my trip to Venice) and with a bottle of water. I was a bit worried about the 3 km uphill walk to the place as I never know how much I can do. Anyhow there was no problem and as the meal typically was mostly meat I didn't even have to worry about the "greens", the wine wasn't very good so that was no temptation either! The only problem was on the train going home, for some reason Italian trains are either over-heated or freezing cold! this one was extremely hot. I now realize one of my problems is going into hot places like that. Luckily the train had windows you could open and I wasn't the only one complaining! I find the heat very frustrating at least if it's cold you can do something about it but apart from stripping what is there to do about heat!!!

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Well, it sounds like you made it through the day pretty well, but I totally sympathize with the heat situation. Not much you can do other than make sure you don't get dehydrated and always dress in layers so that you can adjust to temperatures. A lot of the BP or AF meds can cause dizziness anyway and then throw in a too hot environment and you may feel like keeling over! I hope you had refilled that bottle of water for your trip home. A nice lunch in the mountains of Italy sounds like a pretty good day to me :-)

If you want cold, please visit me in Pennsylvania where we are featuring 30 degree days if we are lucky! Be well, Paolina!


Had to look what 30°F was in Celsius - -1, so similar to what we are getting here! Yes, we had plenty of water both there and back, never thought I'd be carrying bottles of water around with me in winter as well as summer!


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