Getting blood out of a stone

I have been on Amiodarone for about six months now and the side effects I have had are an alteration to my sleep pattern and getting very hot indeed after any physical activity. I am a self-tester for Warfarin and have recently found it extremely difficult to get blood out of any finger despite all the tricks to stimulate blood flow. Do you think this problem is an Amiodarone effect or something else? I am surprised by the phenomenon as the weather has been so warm and when I do hit lucky and locate some blood my INR is 3.5 which is my target. Does anyone have any ideas about my "problem"?!

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  • Thanks Happyjo but I drink tea like there is no tomorrow. But you make a very good suggestion. Thank you.

  • Amiodarone has some nasty side effects - read the leaflet and see if any fit with your symptoms. In particular it can replace the iodine in your thyroid, thus causing thyroid problems, which are likely to be reversible, but it takes a long time to get it out of your system (six months minimum I seem to remember, probably more). I suggest you get your thyroid levels checked asap if you haven't already. (This may relate to the sleep and temperature problems)

  • Thank you Polski for your thoughts. I can't see my "problem" with getting blood out of my fingers in the leaflet but your thyroid suggestion is good. I have had my regular monitoring last month but my thyroid test came back ok. I wonder, though, just how good the normal blood test is for thyroid. I will go back to my GP and ask for help.

  • I suggest you read up on the internet first. The standard TSH reading does not give you much detail, and doctors are often reluctant to say more than 'It's OK' which doesn't tell you much. You could ask if it is near the top or bottom of the range, and if they'll test for T4 and T3. Looking at the Health Unlocked Thyroid community might be instructive.

  • Thanks Polski. Yes. I have been on to the thyroid hu community. It is very interesting. I will follow up with my GP on your comment about the exact result of my thyroid blood test. The result was given to me over the phone by a receptionist!! I will peruse the internet for more information as well. Thanks

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