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Please, ACT NOW

For all AF patients living in England and Wales:

A draft policy statement issued by Specialised National Commissioning Board is seeking to restrict the commissioning of a very important therapy - Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion (LAAO).

The LAA device, in trials and in practice, has proven to be an effective option in reducing the risk of AF-related stroke in AF patients for whom an oral anticoagulant such as warfarin, dabigatran or rivaroxaban, is unsafe or contraindicated.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) can present in varying forms and with a range of symptoms. However, common to all of these is the increased risk to an individual of an AF-related stroke. AF-related strokes are far more likely to be disabling and fatal than non-AF strokes.

The AF Association, in partnership with NHS Improvement, is supporting an extensive educational programme seeking to increase the use of appropriate therapies for all AF patients in order to significantly reduce the risk of AF-related strokes.

Time is limited. We have until 5pm on Friday 25th January 2013 to respond to the consultation.

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