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TENS Machines and AF

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Hi, I recently posted about painkillers (for Femoral Nerve pain in my case) and the myriad potential side effects including heart rhythm problems, which put me off taking any painkillers at all.

At an appointment with a physiotherapist today I asked if a home TENS Machine could be used to alleviate the almost constant pain in my leg. He though that could be useful. I've just been looking at purchasing a machine, but reading some general info. it recommends not to use one for people with heart rhythm problems.

Anybody on the Forum had any experience of TENS machines and the effects on heart rhythm?

Any advise appreciated.

11 Replies
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I use the Beurer EM70 - no impact at all on paroxysmal AF. But then my AF is highly controlled and for the most part gives me no grief these days. I may get 3 or 4 or 5 wobblies a year, sometimes lasting 2 hours or so, once or twice 15 hours. This year so far only one heart wobbly. Use the EM70 on knees and soft tissue around shoulders.

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hI, I used a Tens machine on my lower back. It really helped. I kept the left hand side pads as low as possible. I had no issues and would happily use again. Good luck.

I use one - just do not place over your heart. No problems at all. What causes your femoral nerve pain? I have a damaged femoral nerve (op that went wrong) and have continued pain but I use the tens machine on my back to distract the pain signals in my back. (It was other damage to my back and psoas that led to the disastrous op).

I’d go ahead, be interested to know how it goes, I might try on my leg too!

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I'm using a tens machine every 3 days for Pelvic Bladder problems.

No one said no as I was advised by Surgeon who removed TVT KIT (Johnson & Johnson saga).

She knows about my AF. I'm going to try it at lower back as well.

Cheers JOY. 73. (NZ)

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Hello BuckleyBoy,

I don’t currently use a TENS machine but foresaw the potential use being a strong possibility due to my sciatica . I asked my cardiologist if there may be any problems with this & he said that TENS machines are fine to use.

Best of luck & stay strong.💪


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Yes I've been wondering about that too and also the use of "Revitive" foot and lower leg circulation stimulator, it would interesting to know if anyone has had any experience, I am scared of making things

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Jalia in reply to Chrisdave

i bought the Revitive machine in a bid to help with osteoarthritis in knee a while back...paid around £300 from Boots. Unfortunately , although I had high hopes and felt it was doing some good it was raising my heart rate considerably to an unacceptable degree ( can't remember exactly the figs ) and I had to stop using it. Pleased to say that I obtained a full refund.

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Chrisdave in reply to Jalia

Thanks Julia, yes I bought one too a few years ago just prior to me developing permanent A fib, I am quite reluctant to even try it now because of not wanting to aggravate and making things worse, I don't want to add any more problems to my already constant a fib even though I'm fascinated about the effect on my health!

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Thanks for all your replies. I am tempted to try a TENS machine now but am still a bit hesitant as I don't want to bring on any other problems.

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I have used one for lower back pain for over 10 years and never had any problem -

BUT not all tens machines are the same , my oldest machine is an XFT320 which is not very portable compared to newer versions but is far more powerful and has a better menu / selection of options.


and my latest one which I wear during the day - about the size of a smart phone.

Smaller but doesn't have the adjustments in power that older ones have . Its just as strong but lacks the finesse at lower levels. I usually run on power setting 2 to 3.


Generally it takes about 3 courses ( 20 minutes a course ) to get real relief , I usually go to sleep at night with the portable one if my back is really bad.

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No issues for me. I use it sometimes for lower back pain.

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