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Insomnia and bisoprolol

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Hi guys my first post thanks for having me I’m on bisoprolol twice a day 2.5mg can go up to 10mg for ventricular ectopy waiting on second ablation but I’m suffering with bad insomnia not getting to sleep till about 4-5am I know can be a side effect of bisoprolol but suffered with lack of sleeping in the past but mainly due to palpitations does anyone take or can suggest anything natural to take before bed on an Evening to relax/encourage sleep that doesn’t effect the bisoprolol thanks loads xx

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I have the same problem.....sometimes awake until it Bisprolol or just an overactive brian??? I will wait for some replies too!!

Hi on an holistic approach have you tried meditation in the evenings before sleep or listening to relaxation music on phone app while trying to sleep. Have to say Bisoprolol does opposite effect on me, tired in the evenings. Good luck finding solution

Hi I’m new to this as well today and I’m on the same as you but I’m only on 1.5 mg as you say problem so they are going too put mine up to 2.5 the only thing I can suggest to you is find something that makes you sleepy like if you read does it but you to sleep maybe that will help you The reason I say that if I wait too long I get tired

Unwanted drug related effects typically wear off by themselves after a few days as the drug levels in the blood normalise and the body becomes used to things. This means that it's very likely to improve on its own.

If it doesn't, and since you aren't new to insomnia, your sleep problems could be being made worse by anxiety. Pre-sleep relaxation routines can be the way to deal with this, and there are many online methods based on meditation and listening to music or recordings of wave sounds and so on.

Over-the-counter tablets based on a safe natural hormone called melatonin can be tried if the cause is "sleep onset insomnia", which yours seems to be. This drug seems to help in some cases. Another OTC remedy is the older antihistamines such as chlorpheniramine, with a branded form being "Nytol" . Many people take these but for me they don't get me off and leave me feeling horribly groggy all the next day.

Finally, there are the prescription-only "Z" drugs, as they seem to be called, zolpidem and zopiclone. These do help a great deal and seem to get most people off to sleep within half an hour; sadly, their half-life in the bloodstream is very short and you'll be lucky to get more than 3-4 hours sleep from them. That can be a blessed relief, of course, depending how badly the insomnia is affecting you. The 5mg tablets can be cut into two as 2.5mg usually works just as effectively. For most people, there is no daytime hangover effect but at least one person here can't take them for that reason. Sadly, doctors are averse to prescribing them, but you might be lucky. If you are given them, take the tablet once you are in bed and won't be at all disturbed before falling asleep. Any interruption at all will stop them working as they are very mild indeed.

I take 2.5mg zolpidem at about 3.30 when I wake up but can't get back, having "sleep duration insomnia", different from yours. If things are really bad. I have been known to take the first half tablet at 1.30 and then a second 3.30, when I often waken. That works well for me and, I believe, at least one other person here.

I believe that it's a truly awful condition from which to suffer, especially if you have an anxious mind as I have. I wish there were more and better treatments and that doctors took it more seriously. as most don't seem to. I'm luckier than most and have an exceptional GP.


I'm the same. I'm on Verapimil and my tinnitus has made itself felt again. I go to sleep OK till 1.30 then awake till 4 ish. I just go into the spare room and read. It's a pain but I'm retired so at least I don't have to get up for work. Best wishes.

Stopped the palpitations for me and my wife, but I’m no suffering from severe insomnia, I have cut my dose without instructions from 2.5mg to 1.25 per day but so far made no difference. My wife as the opposite effect can’t wake up.

I would only use holistic approach - I used to do a Yoga Nidra for 30 mins - fall straight asleep. But then I wouldn’t take Bisoprolol either.

Distraction worked for Monkey Mind - find an audible book, a story with a reader with a relaxing voice and drift away.

Unfortunatly I never found a way around the disrupted sleep issue with bisoprolol it really messed up my life. I could get to sleep using audiobooks to drown out any heart palpitations and get my mind off worries but would always wake up numerous times during the night and struggle to get back to sleep. Maybe see if you can have a different drug.

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Thankyou it’s awful isn’t it I’ve asked and been told no but I have emailed my ep cardiologists secretary the other day and asked again

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Keep trying I believe there are alternatives but that they are expensive (cant remember what they are but will be on this site somewhere) and best of luck. I managed to finally come off bisoprolol after my 2nd ablation - long may it last!!!

Thankyou very much all also getting the terrible palpitations worse at night now if I go up to 5mg I’m fine as doc said I can go up to 10mg but if I go up to 7.5mg at night in bed I feel like I can’t breath and my hearts gona stop it’s a aeful feeling been on diltiazem and flecainide in the past didn’t work and made my palpitations worse

Hi.I’m on bisoprolol twice a day at 2.5mg.

I don’t have your problems and sleep well. My daughters a nutritionist and on her advice I’m on three meals a day ALL with some protein. ( Good for muscles /heart ). Try to have your last meal no later than 6pm. You’ll find you sleep better as your food will be well digested before bed. No caffeine after 5pm either. I’ve lost 5 KG since starting over a couple of months. A couple of eggs am. Lunch? Can be celery/ carrot sticks with peanut butter to dip into and an apple. Dinner.. veg or salad and fish or meat. Plenty of berries. Raspberries blueberries strawberries. All good. Good luck!

I have noticed that, since taking Metoprolol (100mg in the mornings), my boyfriend has the worst nightmares and also sometimes insomnia. Haven’t found a solution yet either.. still waiting for it to pass

I am on lowest dose Bisoprolol at 1.25mg as newly dx with proximal aFIB. We are taking it slowly after initial hammer response trialling Sotalol! At first all was ok but I developed what I described as head haemorrhage sensation at night keeping me awake. Once I switched from taking Bisoprolol in the morning to taking it at night (about an half to an hour before bed) this sensation ceased and I’ve slept well .... thus far! Side benefit is more energy during the day :-)

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