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Ablation today

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I'm on my way to the clinic for my ablation and would you believe it, I had AF last night for the first time in 3 months. I took a Kardia reading at 6:30 this morning which registered 158 bpm unlike fitbit which said 85. At 7:00 am it said normal although I was at 90 bpm which is high for me.

That episode reminded me why I'm doing this, all those sleepless nights and the tiredness afterwards.

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Good luck!

Wishing you a successful ablation.


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Don't forget to read the recovery fact sheet and do as you are told in it. heartrhythmalliance.org/res...

All the best Griffin, let us know how you get on.....👍

Good luck let us know how it goes

All the best to you Griffin! I went into AF on the morning of my last ablation ( 8 years ago ) and I was actually quite pleased as, like yourself, it reminded me of why I needed to have the procedure. ( I have my 4th one 4 weeks tomorrow .....)

Best wishes Griffin - good timing on the part of your AF. Let us know how things go.

Good luck Griffin.

I really wish you all success with it - interested to hear how you get on. Rest up for a while after but when you read my reply it should be done and dusted. How good is that ;-)


Good luck. Let us know how you get on

Good luck 😉

Good luck 🤞

Hope it’s gone well, Griffin. Do let us know (but not until you feel up to it!) Lots of r&r now :) xx

Hope all goes well and thinking of you. X

Hope all has gone well for you Griffin give yourself a few days to recover 🥰

Good luck !


Best wishes.

Wishing you every success. I had some years back and now much better.

All the best with your ablation - maybe you were anxious about it and that triggered the sleeping monster!

Had mine 3 weeks ago, you will be fine.

Not a regular on here so a little behind - I see it’s a day on so hope everything went ok & you’re well on the road to recovery - each day is a day closer to a new AF free life 😃

Thank you everyone for your good wishes. Everything went smoothly yesterday, with the worst part being the long wait beforehand. I thought I was being done at 12:00 ,but it was actually 4:00.

I wasn't awake for the procedure, which was fine by me and the medical team were really great and explained everything as I went into the theatre.

Ive got various patches of shaved bits, so won't be modelling any time soon, but that's better than when they rip out your hairs with all the stick on pads.

Heart seems to be behaving so far.

I'll continue medication for now which includes a new post op tablet, lapro... Something or other and I'm due to be discharged at 11:00.

Onwards and upwards, carefully.

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Ducky2003 in reply to Griffin9

There's Lansoprazole? It's to stop acid reflux in case your oesophagus has been irritated by the procedure. I had omeprazole for 6 weeks and took the last one yesterday. Hope you have a good recovery but as everyone has said, rest as much as you can.

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Griffin9 in reply to Ducky2003

Yes that's it. I have the full 6 week packet so I only had to pay once. Thank you, I hope your are recovering nicely too.

I'd like to know how others got on with time off work. The consultant would only sign me off until the 10th of June even though I asked for the whole of next week. I have an office job but didn't want to go back so soon

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Ducky2003 in reply to Griffin9

Pay? The hospital gave me my 6 weeks of tablets to bring home with me. I'm aghast at them only giving you a week to recover. Fortunately, I work for myself (foot health practitioner) and gave myself 4 weeks off and even then, I felt I could probably have done with another week or so. I know we all recover at different rates but after a week, my entire leg was bruised so I was struggling to walk properly. Make sure you read the fact sheets on here and do not go rushing back to work or doing anything too soon.

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Griffin9 in reply to Ducky2003

My insurance doesn't cover medication and if I got it from the doctor it would be the usual prescription charge. But it was only £10.

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Edders in reply to Ducky2003

I wondered how you were getting on,,,have to say after reading your account of your ablation I made up my mind not to have it done, it scared me witless...

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Edders in reply to Edders

Sorry that’s was for ducky2003

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Ducky2003 in reply to Edders

Hi. I will be doing an update later. Been busy back at work. Oh goodness, I'd hate to think I'd scared anyone out of having it done. The bruising issue just seems to have been unfortunate but otherwise, as per the fact sheets. I wouldn't say it was the best day trip I'd had but it always comes down to quality of life.

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Griffin9 in reply to Edders

Hi Edders, I've never been in hospital before and was apprehensive about it, but it turned out to be a much better experience than I thought it would be. I didn't feel too bad afterwards, just very tired.

About an hour after I woke up, I enjoyed mushroom soup, chicken and mushroom pie, salmon and cream cheese sandwiches and creme brulee. I hadn't eaten for 14 hours!

I'm back home now and the only effects are tiredness and a couple of sticky patches on my groin.

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Edders in reply to Griffin9

Thank you so much for that comment

All the best to you! 🤞🙏

Good to hear take care

It'll make them happy that it happened and you even happier when it doesn't. 🤞🤞

Wishing you lots of luck

Best of luck to you!

All my best take it easy and do look at the recovery sheet as Bob D said. I have had four ablations and hsppyI did. So far pleased with my results.

I'm so happy for you! I'm in the US and had my ablation Jan 3, 2017 and never looked back.

Same thing happened to me before my ablation in April! No a-fib for quite some time, then "wham," there it was the night before the ablation. Fortunately it ended before I left for Cleveland Clinic. Good luck with yours!

Dont forget plenty of rest once the procedure is done dont rush it good luck 👍😁

Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery

Hope it went well 😊

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