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Asthma inhaler


My brown inhaler hasn’t been working very well for me, and the nurse in my practice prescribed a pink one called Fostair. It said you must read the pamphlet before using, so I have, and it says ‘do not use beta blockers with this medicine’. I’m on Atenolol 50 mg, and also to talk to your doctor if you have heart arrhythmias. I am waiting for a call from my doc, but just wondering if anyone else had had this problem?

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Correct. beta blockers are not helpful if you have asthma so please speak to your GP asap.

Hello Cha 😊 I have asthma and use Seretide as a preventative .Because of my need for a beta blocker to help my P-AF I was prescribed Nebivolol which has been found to be tolerated by asthmatics.

I have has no problems with taking Nebivolol .

Cha275rL in reply to doodle68

Thanku Doodle, that’s very helpful.

I take an inhaler called DuoResp, economy version of Symbicort. All inhalers have an arrhythmia warning I think.

Cha275rL in reply to Buffafly

Yes you’re right Buffafly. Thanku.

Another one here on Seretide and Nebivolol. No problems with my asthma control.

I take Duaklir Genuair plus Ventolin and i haven't had any problems.

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