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Heck getting older sometimes


Laying here in the ER waiting to be admitted. Had been having pains in my heart last 3 days. One of my side effects from Eliquis is angina but it comes and goes. Not often. But this didn't want to go away. Yesterday I switched my Eliquis for an aspirin. And the pain seemed to get better. But this morning I just felt something wasn't right so I'm here in the hospital. Dr came in awhile ago and said we want to keep you awhile and do some more heart tests. Probably a cardiac catherizatin and take a look. Maddening. I had all sorts of tests run in June when I was diagnosed with Afib and I do have mild mitral valve regurgitation but was told no blockages or anything. Then Sept had a stress treadmill and holter monitor test. Both were fine. Now this. Of course I'm stressed and BP way up. I live with my ex and he's in charge of feeding the cats. Told him before I left I didn't know when I'd be back. Say some prayers for me everyone. I don't want to be in here too long. Life is strange. One day we feel fine and then the next day the bottom drops out. Just like everyone here I never dreamed I'd have anything such as Afib let alone know what it was. Sure have learned a lot in the past few months. And most all of it through this forum. Thanks to all of you

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Very best wishes, I hope all turns out well for you. Prayers are on there way.

belindalore in reply to PhyllisK

Thank you Phyllis K. Everyone here is so kind.

Sorry to hear this Belinda.

Please let us know how you get on, will be thinking of you and wishing you well.

Jean xx

Thank you Jean. I don't know any of you but just from all your postings you are all wonderful!

I have neighbors here in Florida. The husband is an artist. They do outdoor art festivals to sell his artwork (look up Nedobeck.com). He's been doing art over 50 years and used to be a jazz musician, mostly the clarinet. Can't play anymore. They spend the summers back in Wisconsin where they originally came from. Still have their home there and all their family is there. They just got back to Florida last night. Don is 85 and his wife Liz is 81. They usually get their major medical care done back in Wisconsin. Don has Afib. Had a pacemaker a few years ago. He's diabetic and kidneys don't function only at about 30%. Had two stents put in his heart a month before they left to come back to Florida. He was already on Eliquis and metoprolol. Drs added plavix and some other med. Temporary. On the drive down (Liz does all the driving) Don fell when they pulled over to get gas. He was helped by some nice young women. He said he was okay and they finished their drive. I was worried about Don and called Liz after I got in my room and she was driving him to a different hospital south of where I am. I told her go on be careful and we hung up. I don't know what happened. I'm far more worried about him than myself. They are such sweet people. They look out for one another and have a great family. Please say prayers for Don and Liz. They have been together over 60 years....

Hylda in reply to belindalore

Have popped them on the prayer list x

belindalore in reply to Hylda

Thanks. 4 in the morning here. Nurse just left after taking more blood samples😝. No rest in a hospital.

Talked to my friends wife last night. Don has pneumonia and possibly had a heart attack on the drive down here. But he's got good Drs and he's on antibiotics and hopefully will be able to go home in a couple days. Liz said he told the hospital staff if his wife couldn't be in his room with him he's leave cause if he was going to die he wanted to die in her arms. He said that partly because of the pandemic. Some hospitals here won't allow visitors even family because of covid. Florida is still one of the hotspots. But it was okay in the hospital he's in for Liz to be with him. And he was tested for covid where he's at. Since with pneumonia he had similar symptoms of covid. Plus had just driven from Wisconsin to Florida. Thanks for your prayers.

Hylda in reply to belindalore

Hope they will discover if he had a heart attack soon and hope you are soon sorted too. x

Life can be so hard at times. Will say a prayer for your friends. X

Thanks jean.

Thinking of you. x

belindalore in reply to Hylda

Thank you so much. You are all so kind.

I hope it all works out for you and that you can get home soon.

belindalore in reply to Rayswife

Thank you. Me too. Miss my cats.....

Best wishes for speedy recovery.

belindalore in reply to CDreamer

Thanks. Saw your post too answering someone about the electric massagers. I suffer from stiff neck too. Your post was helping me decide I should get one. Take care. It's 4:30 am here. Had more blood drawn and vitals taken. No rest in the hospital. 😕 Maybe I can rest before breakfast comes. I think they are checking my thyroid. It was a tiny bit elevated when tested when I was diagnosed with Afib in June. But none of the Drs seemed to think any thing of it then. One of the cardio Drs who asked me questions about my syptoms did seem concerned when I was still in the ER last night as he said it can cause Afib. My GP wasn't concerned either as she said sometimes when we're going through something it can be elevated. See what happens this time. Thanks again. Take care.

Best wishes that all goes well for you. Thinking of you.

belindalore in reply to bassets

Thank you. I pray that every one here stays safe and well.

Best wishes Belinda,

You have lived with this condition, now it has been diagnosed and is dealt with. Isn't that a good news? Imagine, the glass is half full

J (-:

belindalore in reply to Globe-J


I'm holding a good thought for you, and sending you this hug: ((((Belindalore))))

Thank you so much.... Feeling the hug. 😍

Yes, it's a hug that's very BIG on social distancing! (smile)

Lol. 😊Yes but I still feel it.

Oh dear I do hope you are feeling better by now and that you will get better soon.

Living with your ex must be a bit of a strain maybe!!!??

This is the first time I have ever heard that Apixaban (Eliquis) causes angina. Is this correct? I have been on Apixaban for about 2 years and no-one has ever mentioned that to me. I was on Rivaroxaban, but kept getting blood in my urine hence the changeover.

Stay safe everyone

belindalore in reply to Tapanac

Thank you. Yes living with my ex can be taxing at times. But he's also in the same boat as all of us. Diagnosed several months before me. He's on Eliquis and metoprolol too. So we tolerate each other better now.😌

Yes Eliquis can cause angina. Many side effects the Drs don't always bother to tell us of them or don't know because they don't or can't take the time to know all the side effects. I use drugs.com if I feel I'm having side effects. It lists ALL known side effects of different drugs and gives the interactions between different drugs. I think it lists urine in the blood for Eliquis also. So many of these drugs are similar and have the same side effects. I hope you do better on Eliquis though. Our bodies are all different and have different reactions. I wish you the best.

I'm another fan of drugs.com

Will say prayers for you and your friends Belinda. I am quite new on here, and understand how scary it must be for you. Just try to relax and let the drs help you. I have found people on here very helpful and caring. Good luck.

belindalore in reply to Cha275rL

Thank you. It's another morning. Just met new nurses on this shift. Told Drs will be by later. I'm ready to go home. And I always expect the worst. So hope I'm okay and can go home soon.....Thanks for your prayers for me and my friends.

Prayers also said for you all. x

Thank you.😔

Hope all turns out fine, you’ll hopefully be home before you know it. 🙏🏻🤗

belindalore in reply to cbsrbpm

Thank you. Hoping I get to go home soon. But have to wait for the Drs to see me. We all know that can be a long wait. 😒. Take care and be safe.

We all have challenges in our lives, especially as we age. I do hope you find the strength to deal with this and that the doctors come up with some answers. Try to relax and you will be home soon with your beloved cats.

Are you sure eliquis is causing your angina. I have not heard of that as a side effect? You should be careful coming off it like that and here in Europe aspirin is not regarded as an anticoagulant so is not a substitute for eliquis.

You take care and good luck 🍀🙏

belindalore in reply to lallym


Really hope the outcome is good for you: I'm sure it will be. They are monitoring you now, which is what you need. I was diagnosed with Afib, out of the blue, in late July and was in hospital for 5 days as they tried to bring my heart rate down. I was then on a raft of meds to control it: 15 mgs of Bisoprolol and 250 mgs of Digoxin, plus Rivaroxaban for blood thinning. I don't know if this is Eliquis but I've had terrible headachez and fatigue since late July. It could be any of them, I suppose. I eventually had cardioversion 4 weeks ago and, so far, so good, fingers crossed! I am now only on 10mgs of Bisoprolol and nothing else, but I had to stop Rivaroxaban as I'd had a retinal bleed in January and this was making that conditon worse. I had to take my cardiologist's advice as I was nervous of stopping them, for obvious reasons. So no meds are without side effects but the drs should be able to decide if your symptoms are caused by Eliquis, or if it's something else. Stay strong and positive!!! I live in Wales and cannot fault my local NHS hospital.

belindalore in reply to qp3usavk

Thank you. Yes the pain can be caused by Eliquis. Cardio Dr came to see me this morning and I will have another test Wed. I put another post about it here. I'm nervous about it but it will show if anything was missed. Thank you and everyone for your well wishes. Anxious to see my cats.😔

qp3usavk in reply to belindalore

I am glad you are being looked after! Good luck and let us know what transpires. I've got a very possessive cat too and missed her a lot when I was in hospital. Luckily, I've got good family and friends to look after her. But they will give you lots of love on your return, to help you recover. They are better than any medicine!!!!

belindalore in reply to qp3usavk

Thank you. Yes our pets are the best medicine. Am looking forward to seeing again. 😍

Auriculaire in reply to qp3usavk

That's a hefty dose of Bisoproplol. I would be more inclined to finger that for the headaches and fatigue. I had both on 2.5mg Bisoprolol.

Good wishes from Ireland. Hope you get out soon. I was in hospital also and got out yesterday. I hate having a fib. Mostly the not knowing when it's going to flare up. We love Florida with its endless sunshine. Only drawback would be mosquitos that seem to live me 🤣Sending hugs and prayers your way and that you will be home shortly.

Hello in Ireland! Thanks for the good wishes. I've only had the one episode of Afib when diagnosed in June. You never know what it will do though. It's nice to know we're not alone and this forum proves that in so many ways. I'll be here a few more days. Another test. Can't wait to get out and get home to my cats. I live with my ex and he's in charge of feeding the cats til I get back.. He's also on Eliquis and metoprolol for his heart but not for Afib.

Yes the mosquitoes are bad. And year round because of the tropical climate. They seem to love me. 😝 Then there's the cockroaches and ants. I think Florida has every species of those two. And of course the hurricanes. So far none have hit Florida this season. There's a new one in the Atlantic that is being watched. Hoping it turns north like the others have that were heading this way. Louisiana has been hit 3 times this season. Devastating for those people who live there. But even once the storms hit they travel further inland and cause more destruction. Scary to go through. Once again thanks for the prayers. Helps me a lot.


Thank you so much. 😍

Best wishes to you Belinda. Hope they get to the bottom of it and you are home soon with your cats.

Thank you. My gut instincts (and how I feel😒) tell me it's the Eliquis causing this pain. But guess it's good to be sure something wasn't missed. I'm just a wuss when it comes to any invasive procedure. Thanks again. I sure miss my babies (cats). Wish they could call and talk to me. But if they could do that I'd be a rich woman!😁 Take care too.

I regard my cat like my baby too! Even though in cat years he's nearly as old as I am!

Gee I guess my cats are about my age too. They are brother and sister. Boy is a tuxedo and he's BIG. His sister is a tabby. Totally different personalities. They know I haven't felt well lately and either will sometimes lay beside me in bed. Tap me on the shoulder to say I want to come lay down with you. I've heard people say cats are not as affectionate as dogs. All I can say is I guess they never had a cat 🐱😻😻

Late checking the forum, but I do hope you are on your way home to your fur babies and peace and quiet. And I also hope your friend makes a full recovery. Just adding my (totally non-professional opinion) to the others, please be careful about skipping your Eliquis until you are sorted out with an alternative (not aspirin either!). Talk to your doctor about trying another anti-coagulant. Best wishes coming your way.

Thank you. But I'll be here a few more days. Doing an angiogram Wed. Dr popped in my room right after I swallowed my Eliquis pill or I could have had the angiogram tomorrow (Tues). And the Dr doesn't want to switch me off the Eliquis and I don't see him as one open to any alternative treatments so I may have to discuss that down the road with my GP who's an osteopath and a little more open minded. It's down the road. Talked to my sister and she reminded me she's also super sensitive to prescription meds. She has copd now and high cholesterol. She uses oxygen as needed and is on meds for the cholesterol which she's determined to get off of. She like me has always used different herbs and alternative medicine to stay well and keep her children well when they were growing up. She had a child late in life when she was around 42 and her oldest son and his wife had a child about the same age. Both children had a cold at the same time. She used an elderberry syrup and some other alternatives for her child(can't remember now everything she used-too long ago) and her son took his child to the Dr and got prescriptions. My sister's child got well a lot quicker than her son's child (her grandchild). And I always had great success with alternatives. Of course there are times when you might have to revert back to conventional medicine. But the alternatives can work. Minus the terrible side effects. My brother also has some trouble with prescription drugs. Just the genes we got. Can't be helped. Even our dad when I was in grade school was taking a medicine because his left arm shook from nerve damage. The medicine kept him awake all night. He would wander around outside (we lived in the country-rural) . He hallucinated. It was awful. Then one night on the TV news there was a story about how bad that medicine was he was taking and he quit taking it. It did help him to quit shaking but it was messing with his mind. So I guess my siblings and I come by our drug intolerance through our father's genes. There's many people like that out there. So hopefully I and my GP will figure out something. And a good Dr I had years ago who knew I was so sensitive to prescription meds almost killed me by giving me Paxil for anxiety when going through menopause. He chose Paxil because it had the least side effects. Well not for me. I took one pill and had such a bad reaction he told me if it had been any worse I could have died. He was so so sorry. Then he told me I fall into the 1% of people who don't and won't tolerate prescription drugs well. Yes he was right. Until now I've just taken a few antibiotics for some things and a med for yeast overgrowth a few times. And getting through those was an ordeal. So as I say something else on down the road. I will not stop the Eliquis on my own but hope to get my GP to help figure it out. In the meantime trying not to stress. Thanks again for your kindness. Everyone who has posted back to me has been more than kind. 😔😍😻

Gee sorry for such a long post.

Prayers for you! Hope everything gets straightened out.

belindalore in reply to Jc24

Thank you. Today is Tuesday. A long day til tomorrow til I do the angiogram. Am apprehensive about it but hoping it goes well so I can get back to my fur babies.

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