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Déjà Vu and an uneasy feeling


Four years ago when I had ankle reconstruction surgery on my right ankle (thanks to a work accident), it triggered arrhythmias which have created a few dramas, as those of you who have followed my journey know.

I have been having problems with my left ankle for three months so I was referred back to my orthopedic surgeon for a review. He sent me for MRI and called me tonight with the results. I have a grade 4 tear in the Peroneal tendon, much too big to heal on its own so surgery is the only option. I need to call his receptionist tomorrow to make an appointment to sit down with him and go through everything, and no doubt I’ll have to do the same with the anesthetist.

Hopefully it’s not as complex as last time as I was in a wheelchair for 3 months (and casts, then a moonboot, then an ankle brace) not allowed to even put my foot on the ground.

Anyway, what will be will be. At least I have some idea what to expect and I know my EP will liaise with the other specialists to make sure I’m well looked after.

Thanks for your ongoing support. I know you understand that what should be routine surgery can be complicated with our issues. 😊😉🤪😟😔

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Sorry to hear that Kaz - I also broke 3 bones in my ankle a few years ago, never been quite the same since as I also strained ligaments which took a lot longer to heal than bones.

Hope everything goes well this time. CD

Kaz747 in reply to CDreamer

Thanks CD. As long as my husband doesn’t tip me out of the wheelchair like last time I’ll be right 😂😂

Is this a new tear Kaz, or a remnant from what happened a few years ago?

Really feel for you.


Kaz747 in reply to jeanjeannie50

This is the other ankle Jean so all new.

Oh no, just hope it will be ok. Looking on the bright side you won't be missing much travel wise at the moment unless of course you get tipped out of that wheelchair! Good luck and let us know how you get on. 💕

Kaz747 in reply to Angie06

Thanks Angie 😀 I will keep you updated.


So sorry to read of your problems Kaz. My thoughts are with you. Seeing your comment to CD reminds me when I had a knee op years ago and had to be wheel chaired out of the hospital with my leg straight out in front and Sam steered me straight into a wall. Quiet sure she did it deliberately!

Kaz747 in reply to BobD


My husband insisted on going down a kerb next to where the car was parked. I was yelling, telling him to go to the end of the footpath down the ramp but of course he didn’t listen. He tipped the chair backwards then he tumbled forward. The wheels ended up in the air, I was on my back and he was face down in my lap. It was very funny apart from the fact that the wheelchair hit the car and dented and scratched the door so we had to put it into the panel beaters and it cost us $500 for the insurance excess. The kids were were us and they couldn’t stop laughing. It would have made a hilarious video 😂

Hope it all goes ok 😊

Kaz747 in reply to Jishing

Thanks Jishing.

Falling apart, I know the feeling, had my right knee cartilage repair, then right shoulder rebuilt, then left shoulder & then couple of weeks back, ran around on a riding mower, when I came to get off, couldn’t bend my left knee, took 3 days before I could start to bend it, still not fantastic but getting there.

Still managed 6000 steps with stiff leg!

Funny how we visualize something in our head, while reading a story, couldn’t stop laughing, sure you’ll be fine, all the best!


Kaz747 in reply to Nugger

Thanks Frank, I’m sure I’ll be fine too. I certainly feel like I’m falling apart. I’ve had both knees operated on and now it will be both ankles too (and both my big toes but that was only ingrown toe nails). Still, we can’t complain about getting older - it is a privilege denied to many (not that I consider myself “old”. I’m a spring chicken!).

Nugger in reply to Kaz747

That’s exactly what I say to people, a privilege, after loosing my wife at 42, started out together at 16 & 14

Kaz747 in reply to Nugger

That’s very sad. I’m doing a lot of work on our family tree and so many women in particular died young.

Wishing you all the best, a calm heart and a quick recovery.

Kaz747 in reply to Shcldavies

Thank you. Your best wishes are appreciated.

Hiya Kaz,

So very sorry to read of your 'other ankle' drama. That's no good. I do hope all goes well for you on this particular journey. Try and stay safe 😀

May the force be with you.


Kaz747 in reply to carneuny

Thanks John. I’ll be right. I’m a tough cookie. I just wish the universe would pick on someone else for a while 😂

Good Morning, just reading your messages. I have been going through the Mill a bit with my heart of late. (AF) just woke up feeling rather sicky

for some reason. Need to give myself a shake up. After reading your messages do feel a bit better. Anyway hope you have a good day. Weather is not too good here but we have to make the most of it. Virtual hugs from me. ❤️

Kaz747 in reply to jillybeanposh

Thanks Jillybean. We all have our struggles. Some days are a bit harder than others. It is Spring here in Western Australia, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. And it’s a long weekend this weekend so we can enjoy the outdoors (well sitting more than hiking for me 😉).

jillybeanposh in reply to Kaz747

Thankyou. Yes good days and bad days is right. Sounds lovely I have my gorgeous dogs and I think weather is a bit better this weekend so will try and get them all on the beach today. 🐕🐩🐕‍🦺

Oh, goodness! So sorry you have to deal with this on your other ankle! Crossing fingers and holding a good thought for a speedy recovery!

Kaz747 in reply to Doggiemomma

Thanks Doggiemomma 😉

Wishing you all the best Kaz for a successful outcome x

Kaz747 in reply to Maura5

Thanks Maura 😃

Best of luck Kaz! Hopefully a full recovery this time with zero complications... 🙏

Kaz747 in reply to djbgatekeeper

Thanks Dave. My fingers and toes are all crossed 🤞🏻

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Kaz747 in reply to Aus19

Thanks Jeffrey!

Hope you get a quick successful outcome

Kaz747 in reply to Fastbeat

Thanks Fastbeat!

Smile and the world smiles with you. Great attitude, well done.

Kaz747 in reply to Ianc2

Thanks Ian. I recently did an interview for a feature in a “Real Women” column being published next month, in which I spoke of the importance of resilience. I do smile most of the time but sometimes there are tears too. To paraphrase Helen Reddy, “I am strong. I am (almost) invincible. I am Woman (with a dodgy ticker, knees and ankles) 😃

Hope the op goes well and you recover quickly. Keep your husband away from kerbs! Why is it men always think they know better?😐

Kaz747 in reply to Auriculaire

Thanks, I will 😉

Oh what did you do to it or is it wear & tear - I reckon it must be all that dancing! I really hope that your ticker doesn't kick off this time like before. Keep us all in the loop and update us with your journey.

Brian & I will be thinking of you & send our love xxx

PS - It's raining here!

Kaz747 in reply to Cat04

Thank you Cat. It was probably due to the extra pressure on the ankle when my other one was injured. The joys of life 😃 xx

Sorry to hear that Kaz, sounds very painful as well as blooming daunting, pg this will not be as big an OP. Keep us updated. All the very best for everything.😀❤

Kaz747 in reply to C66t

Thanks. I will keep you updated. I love knowing you guys are all there and understand the worries and pressures that come with the condition we all share. X

I’m not sure it this is an option for you but you could use use the knee scooter. I’m not sure if that’s the exact name of it. I had a bone infection and had to have a toe amputation and bones removed from my foot. I couldn’t put my foot on the ground for a month. I just put my knee on the scooter and wheeled all over. It was easier in the house too.you need a cushion for your knee.

Kaz747 in reply to Foulplay

Yes I’ve seen a few people with those. I wondered about them but I have dodgy knees (I’ve had them both operated on too) and can’t kneel so I’m not sure how I’d go.

Foulplay in reply to Kaz747

Good luck with the surgery!

Good Luck with everything. X

Thank you x

Oh ! At least this time you are fully armed and aware.

I hope all goes well for you .

Best wishes xx

Kaz747 in reply to wilsond

Thank you. Yes indeed, I know all the questions to ask when I have my appointment with the surgeon next week and I’ll know what I need to do during recovery and then rehab. X

I hope all goes well. It's a long time to lose mobility so I hope you have exercises you can do. Warm wishes

Kaz747 in reply to Camelia23

Thanks Camelia. Yes I’ll exercise my upper body. It was amazing how skinny my right calf was after 3 months in a cast and then moon boot as the muscle wasted away. There was months of rehab to get the ankle working and leg working again so it will be similar this time.

Just catching up and read this. So sorry you have yet something else to contend with, I am in awe of your humour and resilience but totally understand the dark moments and tears, you are more than entitled to have them. Do let us know how you get on. All good wishes xx

Kaz747 in reply to irene75359

Thanks Irene. We are just back from a lovely pub lunch with some good friends. I was saying I can’t believe how many times I have been in hospital in the past 5 years (every year! And multiple times. In 2018/19 I was in hospital 11 times in 13 months). I consider myself young and healthy but perhaps I’m just kidding myself 😃. It’s a good job I’m a positive person. I know many people that would have fallen apart before now. Xx

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