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Good morning to all you who know of me and also to those that dont .

Remember I asked a few weeks ago about going flying in my friends plane

Well I went on Thursday I checked with my doctor who said it was ok for a hour long flight So Thursday morning I flew from Manchester to Carnarvon and back a total of just over 2 hours My it is diffrent than your big planes We flew at 2000 ft the allowed height at 100mph Was a bumpy ride along the Welsh hills but my PAF has behaved

Going again soon xx

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Good for you.....great experience!!

Vonnieruth in reply to FlapJack

Thank you was a new experience

How how lovely Vonnie - I love flying and I think you struck the right balance, short flight and enjoy. It is very different isn’t. Great photo and what an adventure.

Thanks for posting and well done you!

Vonnieruth in reply to CDreamer

Thanks dreamer he is ex pilot and flew search and find in royal navy helicopter so I felt safe

How amazing to do this and the photo is lovely. Well done you, glad all went well.xx

Vonnieruth in reply to Jay10

Thank you

Sounds Awesome Vonnie. My brother got his pilot’s license when he was 16 and I went flying a few times with him (I was only 14 or 15). As a parent now I think back to what our parents would have been thinking. I wouldn’t let my young kids go flying with an inexperienced pilot 😂

Vonnieruth in reply to Kaz747

He is ex pilot and flew helicopters in navy so is very experienced pilot Totally felt safe

Kaz747 in reply to Vonnieruth

Yes experience does make you so much more confident 😃 We has an ex US Marine pilot flying us around Hawaii and I felt very confident with him.


Jealous as heck Vonnieruth. I made my first flight in a light aircraft (Ex RAF Auster A5 G-AJXC ) in about 1956 and found this plane a few years ago being restored. I have been promised a flight in it when it is finished.

Vonnieruth in reply to BobD

He is ex pilot and flew helicopters search and find in navy before he flew for airline Its all natural to him and I felt safe

Hi Vonnie

What a brilliant photo !

Take care !

Vonnieruth in reply to Edm174

Thank you

Glad to hear you are OK. Your flight sounds very enjoyable.

My most memorable flight in a small aircraft was the week after the big storm of ‘87. Incredible sights of acres of flattened woodland over the South Downs.

It was an amazing experience also because the plane was a Tiger Moth Biplane.


Bet it was I really enjoyed it Surprised myself to be honest Pete

CDreamer in reply to pottypete1

Oooh - I flew in one of those about 20 years ago - love, love loved it! Bit different taking off and landing though in one of those.

Oh wow!!! Looks great! Glad you enjoyed it and ticker behaved xxx

Thank Wilson I enjoyed it Suprised myself to be honest

It's a lovely experience isn't it. A friend took me up in his plane once. It must have been comforting that you had someone so experienced flying you. How many seats did it have?

Have you been free of AF all this time?


Flown a couple of times in small sea planes which was very memorable. Also stunning balloon ride. So pleased I have done those things. Lovely to look back on. A/f coming and going but sort ofOK

4 seater I have been clear just odd palpitations now and then Back working full time in my senior roll Plus I am now a great grandmother

Buffafly in reply to Vonnieruth

Congratulations x 3 🎉🎉🎉

GrannyE in reply to Vonnieruth


How lovely for you Vonnie, babies are just adorable! When I'm out I'm quite obsessed with looking at them and also dogs.

My granddaughter has met the love of her life and tells us she'll have a baby when she's 28, 25 now and in last year at university. Then she wants to work in dentistry for a year. We can hardly wait!!!

Ha ha, well done Vonnie, now you’ve done a small plane, have a go in a gyrocopter or hand glider lol

Done both,the low level stuff & I mean hedge hopping around castle Howard, was the biggest buzz yet, open cockpit, 70 mph but we were that low I was waving to walkers as we banked over, next time have a go on the controls, not that hard, love anything to do with flying!

You really get good views from a small aircraft don't you? Glad you enjoyed yourself.

I did cannt wait for next one

Nice one and a great photo.

Well done you - spot on.


Thank you

Fabulous photo Vonnie, you must be so happy you did it. It’s good to hear how well you are too, and that you’re back in your senior role at work.

And huge congratulations on being a great grandmother.

Take care x

Vonnieruth in reply to Hilly22

Thank you Hilly Hope all is good with you

Fabulous Experience! Well done xxx


Beautiful. Our neck of the woods

What fun! Always great to have a new fun experience So pleased you enjoyed it and all is well

Vonnieruth in reply to GrannyE

Thank you I really did enjoy the experience

Looks amazing!

There you see we are never to old to take on new experiences. Well done you. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. What a memory!

It's a lovely memory to have

Both my husband and I are single engine pilots and fly often. We have our own plane and have flown across the country a few times, as well as local flights for sight seeing. One of our favorite things to do is fly at 2K as they launch a rocket from Cape Canaveral, Fla. Such a different perspective! This has NEVER interfered with my Afib.

Nugger in reply to Bambi65

Wow, now your talking, watched spacex first heavy falcon launch & return of the booster rockets a couple of years back but to see it from the air must be out of this world lol

How close are you allowed to fly ?

Bambi65 in reply to Nugger

We have to stay west of the river.

When there isnt a launch we have had permission from ground, to fly as low as 100 feet above the shuttle landing strip

Wish I could post the pictures of this here. Lol

Nugger in reply to Bambi65

Sure you can post pictures but might have to do another post, loving this weather today!

Vonnieruth in reply to Nugger

Could you please open your own conversation I keep getting alerts from you and it's not for me now Thanks

Lucky you. You dont get many new experiences at our age. I went from liverpool to Caernarfon with my stepson piloting. It was great relocating what i could see to what i knew on the ground. Landed. Went in to cafe and had a quick drink (non alcoholic )) and then came straight back to liverpool It was cold.

Vonnieruth in reply to Jaybird19

It was lovely day Went to cafe but museum was closed

Brilliant experience I'm so glad you went.😃

Vonnieruth in reply to C66t

I am myself now I think I thought it wouldnt happen with the virus situation but I cannt wait to do it again

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