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Tips for When Writing or Responding to a Post



If you type an @ and start writing a persons Health Unlocked name you will see a drop box appear and you can scroll down to that name and select it. The more letters of their HU name you type the quicker it will be found. It will then notify them that you have mentioned them.

So for BobD on here it would be (type the @sign first) then BobD. Bob will now get an email notifying him that I have mentioned him. Notice how the name turns blue when it's done correctly and the @ sign has disappeared.


On a PC there is an easy spellcheck (must be a way on a mobile phone or iPad too - someone tell us here please) . If you're not sure how to spell something, write the word as best you can (it will have a red line under it if you haven't typed it correctly) and then right hand click with your mouse anywhere on it and it should list the word spelt correctly, drop down to it and the word you typed will be corrected. A word I'm often not sure of spelling is arrhythmia so I write it as best I can, see the red line underneath telling me it's wrong and follow the instructions I've listed above.

Hope this information is of some use. I'm certainly glad I know the spelling tip.


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Any cure for a dyxlescic key board Jean.? Like Eric Morecombe. "Not necessarily in the right order. " from becomes form, for becomes fro etc.

jeanjeannie50 in reply to BobD

Snap, I wish there was!! I cant help but put a 'g' on the end of warfarin too. 🤔

Spare a thought too for the non techies who hardly know how to work the computer.Just finding the symbols and identifying the jargon is a struggle. If anything in these older years idicates I may be 'losing it' it is using a computer.....and the anxiety is very bad for my Afib!

If I ever write anything you don't understand, please let me know. If I'm ever confronted with being shown something I can't take in (which is often), I ask if they can explain it like they're talking to an 11 year old. Then I have a chance of learning something! I've worked on PC's for many years now and about 20 years ago gave basic tuition, so have it all drummed into me, but technology is changing all the time. Everything is so complicated now isn't it, television, mobile phone and even the washing machine!

Mr Buff frequently wails ‘Why do they keep changing things? I could do it before!’

I'll readily admit that I don't like change.

Hey, but you are here and typing , so nothing to worry about on that front !! 🥰


docmar in reply to BobD

Ah, that's when you need an obsessive pedant like me BobD !

I have been known to point out aberrant apostrophes on menus and drink lists to landlords etc. Sometimes it goes down well......

BobDVolunteer in reply to docmar

Years ago there was a great cartoon titled The Pedants Revolt which showed a king in his castle surrounded by serfs. The king was saying " I thought there would be less of you " and the serfs shouted back "FEWER".

10gingercats in reply to BobD

Now that I understand!

docmar in reply to BobD


CDreamer in reply to BobD

Switch off the intelligent text predictor.

Alessa69 in reply to CDreamer

I call it Predicktive Text ...... It now actually types that up instead of Predictive Text .... May the Inventor , who’s passed on Rest in Piss 😂😂

CDreamer in reply to Alessa69


Alessa69 in reply to BobD

My phone does that too, I blame it on Dominic Cummings !

Just a note Jean, the @ only works if you are on the computer, or are logged in via a web browser. It doesn’t work if you are using the HU app on your phone 😉

jeanjeannie50 in reply to Kaz747

That's interesting, thank you.

jeanjeannie50 in reply to Kaz747

Kaz it works on my mobile when I log in via a HU email.

Kaz747 in reply to jeanjeannie50

Does the email link take you to the app or to the website? That’s where the discrepancy is.

jeanjeannie50 in reply to Kaz747

To the website. I have never downloaded the app.

Kaz747 in reply to jeanjeannie50

That will be it then 😃. I usually use the app but if specifically want to tag someone I’ll get on my laptop or log in via Safari on my phone.

Don’t bother Jean - I’ve deleted it as it is very frustrating to use and I will use an App over web browser whenever available.

I use a spell checker and it is a nightmare, it often decides for itself which word I intend to use then chooses the wrong one and if I haven't noticed makes a complete nonsense of my post ...

That made me laugh, because I understand, but then I can write rubbish naturally and it's so embarrassing when I read it at a later date.

Jean 😊 I multitask and can write nonsense and spell it incorrectly too ....😁

CDreamer in reply to doodle68

Turn it off.

Alessa69 in reply to doodle68

Happens to be so often & I run an online business ... I have to check emails sent from my Phone VERY carefully !!

Auriculaire in reply to doodle68

The spellchecks and predictive text on phones and tablets are really annoying. I am sick of having to change x Ray's to xrays . It does not seem to learn after being changed a few times that xrays is what you want to write.

GrannyE in reply to Auriculaire

I hate it when it puts the apostrophe in the wrong place. It makes me look so uneducated. At least changing the word to a Wrong one is obviously the predictive text.

Notifications would be better if they worked - e.g. for saved posts and replies to posts.

"must be a way on a mobile phone or iPad too"

I don't know if this helps or confuses as there are so many different phones, iPads and tablet computers.

If I don't know how to do something I Google

" How to --------on (name your device)."

I usually get the information I need.

jeanjeannie50 in reply to baba

Yes, good idea.

GrannyE in reply to baba


@jeanjeannie50, just trying it out. You are clever 🙂

The @ sign shouldn't be showing and the print should have turned blue. Perhaps you can't do it to me as it's my post and I'd get your reply anyway. Try notifying someone else you know on here.

jeanjeannie50 works on an Apple iPad & Phone

Ok thanks Jean.

baba in reply to carneuny


Don’t put a space after @

Thanks Jean!! Xx

Thank you for that, I knew the spelling trick but not how to tag someone from here. Two members recently asked me to let them know how I got on with my ablation and I just hoped they had seen it when I posted. X

Thanks - useful info!

jeanjeannie50 any advise about computers that insist on American English? and cell phones that change an English word to Italian and vice versa! :) lol

Yes, I know you can change it easily. Can't look now for you as I'm rushing to get out. Someone else may have advised you before then.

HANDY1 in reply to jeanjeannie50

jeanjeannie50 hey I tried it out. Easy.... it worked. Sorry you were my test subject 😀

jeanjeannie50 in reply to HANDY1

Everything is easy when you know, isn't it!

HANDY1 in reply to jeanjeannie50

jeanjeannie50 thankyou... it makes things so easy.

I pad I phone corrective text. Computer auto spell Check or press F7. It typing on phone whist in a meeting ??????

Is it only me, but I am intrigued that your message commenting on spell check actually has an incorrect spellcheck in it.

Shouldn’t the very last word be ‘tip’ not ‘top’.

I know the pedants will jump on me saying it’s a typo not a spell check error as both words exist and the ‘I’ is next to the ‘o’ on a normal persons keyboard.

It always reminds of the time I was going to play golf against a very good friend. So in a mood of bravado and high banter I messaged him saying I was going to give him a damn good butt kicking ( meaning on the golf course of course).

Have you noticed that the ‘l’ is next to the ‘k’ on a keyboard. Result, extreme embarrassment.

Yes, you've won the prize for being the first person to notice! 😁

Now I can give a lesson on how to change a typing error once your post has been submitted.

At the bottom right, underneath your post, click on the arrow to the right of More,

Scroll down to Edit and then left click

Make your changes, then click on Edit Response and it's done.


Edict response?

I have spent my life using computers, then PCs and laptops, and regardless, my three grandsons (six and two almost four-year olds) leave me standing. They swipe and scroll so fast in spite of being strictly limited on all screen time. They know how to navigate and explore and if it weren't for the fact that both my sons-in-law are on the ball I would really worry.

It is the same with the television controls. My husband was incredulous coming home after a two-month road trip I hadn't watched television once; the rigmarole with three separate controls didn't work. My six-year old grandson watches me in increasing frustration and eventually asks 'Can I try, please?' Twenty seconds later, we are watching what I was trying to find. I am embarrassed!

I know exactly what you mean! How on earth do they manage to do everything so quickly!!! 🙄

I trained to use computers in 1987 and then they were always part of my working life. Can't say I was fascinated by them, but did a lot of editing and design.

We used to publish a small circulation magazine so I, too, did a lot of editing and design! I enjoyed that, but the problem for me now is (not) keeping up with the huge leaps in technology whilst not being in the front line any more.

My trouble now is my poor memory!

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