Referring to Other People in Posts Using @nnnn (where nn is their username)

It was a good function that HealthUnlocked introduced a few months ago. However a few people can't understand why it isn't working. In quite a few posts it is appearing as @nnnn in plain text.

What you need to do to get the link created is type the @ symbol then start typing the person's user name and you will see the options for relevant people as you type each character. Obviously as you type each character the options diminish until you are left with a few people and then ultimately one. However you MUST SELECT THE USER from the list displayed to initiate the HUL function (ie if you just type you get @PeterWh appearing as plain text and not the link functionality).

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  • PeterWh Hey - it worked - thank you.

  • Probably sound a bit dim but what is the point of doing this ?

  • Quite a few.

    One example is that if you are writting a post or a response you may say something like Rellim296 knows the answer or can help you. As HUL said at the time doing this alerts the person by sending a message.

    Also you can write nnn write this in a recent response and then the link will take anyone straight to the referenced person's profile

  • I'm not too sure Rellim will know many answers!

  • You do and have a lot of knowledge and experience!!!

    I knew you wouldn't mind me using you as an example!!!!

  • Fame at last! Thanks for highlighting this PeterWh

  • Your welcome!!!!

  • Thank you PeterWh .I can see the point now ! :)

  • And I see on other replies that you've been using your new toy!!!!

  • Testing testing PeterWh .....aah......

  • Yes it works!!!'

  • Just had a little go at it. Thanks for letting us know about this feature.

  • Hiya PeterWh , I type @ then the name. Sometimes it works, as it just did with yours here. Sometimes I do exactly the same & it doesn't.

  • But you need to select it and sometimes it can be very low down if the bit you are reading is near the bottom of the page!!

  • In fact, I just went back to one of my old replies to P0rtnahapp1e on my recent post, erased the name, did the @ followed immediately by the name just as I did above with yours, nix, nichts, zilch!

    As you can see, it worked here! But not there. No box appeared to select!

    In any case, I assumed P0rtnahapp1e would just get a 'someone replied to your er reply' alert so it didn't matter...

    Ps P0rtnahapp1e, sorry for taking your name in vain!

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