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PAF again- some musings


Woke up about an hour ago-at midnight- in AF. Not too fast at the moment, but I was surprised as this time there were none of the usual ectopics preceding the AF. I took my pulse before going to bed at 1100, and it was slow (53 bpm) and regular. During the day, however, I had had a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders all day long as well as some slight wobbliness when walking - I occasionaly get some vestibulitis, so I presume this is what it was. However , this had abated in the evening. Earlier during the week, I had a call from the wife of a friend who lives in Latin America to say that he had a blood clot on the spine, had had an emergency operation and had lost some mobility on the right side. He had no health issues prior to this at all and was not overweight, a smoker etc.. I have just had the longest interval free of PAF since I was diagnosed mid-2018: nearly 2 months free of the beast. I had convinced myself that I could hold it at bay with careful eating and drinking. Alas, not so.

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The remedy is; stay out until 01.41 and not a murmer, however the S.O.A.B may be along bad - being good seems to be not quite the right

Sorry about your latest musings ...... however, no matter how you feel like giving up on the careful eating, don't give up. Your gut has spent a lifetime (however old you are) getting used to foods and patterns of eatings - it ain't gonna change overnight, be it weeks, or months, you could be looking at a year or so before you get lasting relief.


Samazeuilh in reply to carneuny

Thanks. I think I should cut down on sugary foods as quite a few people here have said they don’t help.

Morning Sam, sorry to hear this has happened. Can you think back to anything you ate differently? I dare say that the tension in your body could also have been in your heart area too and triggered this episode.

I think it was probably a build up of tension; I didn’t eat anything that I think would have caused the problem and I didn’t eat late. My assessment for an ablation is in about 2 weeks and I expect it will follow about a month after that. At least it’s helped me to make my mind up- I have to face up to the fact that the AF isn’t going to go away. The PAF stopped at about 0800 after I woke up-before I took any medication which is a good sign. I am just hoping it doesn’t come back again soon! Thanks for your reply.

I’m due for an ablation- probably in a month or so -at Barts in London. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it!

MMurt in reply to Samazeuilh

I have had 2 ablutions in Barts ,the thought of it is worse than the procedure .

You are in good hands

Samazeuilh in reply to MMurt

I’m due for a “Simple PVI ablation” which will, apparently, take 45 mins to one and a half hours. My immediate reaction was that this seems on the short side. As you’ve been to Bart’s I hope you don’t mind my asking a few questions:

1. Do they keep you in overnight or discharge you on the day?

2. Do you know who the individual is who will conduct the procedure in advance? Somebody on this forum

said they were told they would have a trainee who would be “fully supervised”. I would refuse that flat out.

3. What success rate for a first procedure did they give you?

4. Was the procedure painful?

5. What was aftercare like?

6. Overall, what grade would you give them from 0 to 10?

Hope you don’t mind all these questions; it’s very interesting to hear from someone who has been to the same hospital I will be going to.

MMurt in reply to Samazeuilh

I was in overnight, but my procedure took about 4/5 hrs

I think I was told who was doing the ablation it was a Dr Shilling as I remember renowned physician,i don’t think they would let a trainee do it

70 to 80 percent for 1st one

Not painful I was semi awake

Aftercare was great it’s about 7 yrs ago 2nd one

I would give them 9 out of 10 as I still get some AF but mostly self inflicted

Samazeuilh in reply to MMurt

That sounds quite good. Schilling is, I believe known to be world class. What were the post-procedure symptoms like during the week after the ablation: were they worse than before or did you notice an immediate improvement?

I had a PVI Ablation with Professor Schilling last August and if you click on my name you’ll find my account of the procedure. I had some arrhythmia in the subsequent fortnight including a 6 hour AF episode. Since then some ectopics, some very short tachy runs, but no AF...

Thanks. I have just read your account.

MMurt in reply to Samazeuilh

My problem after the procedure is I went to Spain 4days later against advice

I got quite a severe episode there It settled down after a while . I didn’t take the procedure seriously enough re alcohol etc.My personal advise would be to rest for at least 2 weeks.

Samazeuilh in reply to MMurt

Thanks. I’ve heard that it can take a while to recover and the stroke risk remains high for two weeks after the procedure.

Gosh 'Blake Rodgers' how many accounts have you got now 50? Your recommending ablation to everyone whatever their circumstances.

You quote the Mayo Clinic, I guess you missed reading all they say about Ablation including the risks involved, Can I refresh your memory....

Hidden in reply to doodle68

I agree with you, after reading the article on ablation, to me it would be the last resort.

From other sources I've read it appears the complications are very rare. I wish I had kept the links and could share them here. If you Google the subject I'm sure you'll find them. Still, in spite of this, the prospect scares me too.

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