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Back to AF ,some advise please


Hello TO all, hop you are ok, after 2month free AF, back to it, been in AE, for 3days, put me in monitor double my dose, still some, cant sleep for 4days as d put me with 3people menthal health, d sleep day and wakes nite, so getting no change, still AF, so i duscharge my self vey bad but had no chance. Dont know what to do nrxt

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So sorry to read that karim. MY advice would be to make contact with your cardiac team direct and try to get an early appointment.

karim123 in reply to BobD

Thankyou i will

karim123 in reply to BobD

Its doing 80 to 91now better than i was in hospital, thankyou

Oh Karim, I'm so sorry to hear that you've had to discharge yourself from hospital. I understand exactly why you did it. Hospitals are the noisiest places and lack of sleep is enough to give you a nervous breakdown or keep your heart in AF. I would have asked for a sleeping tablet at night so I could block out all that was happening around me out, but I guess you were unsure of being asleep with mental health patients nearby. I've had that same thing and was scared silly and determined to discharge myself next day, but then didn't.

What can you do now? Is there a sympathetic doctor at your surgery that you could ask for advice? Do you need advice right now.

What tablets are you taking and what is your heart doing now?

Wishing you well.


Thankyou jean its doing 110 its better than it was in hospital not getting enough sleep

Iam in sotalol they ask me to take 160 YESTERDAY

Crumbs 160 is a hefty dose. I was given a high dose of Sotalol in hospital once and collapsed as it had taken my heart rate down dangerously low. I've been told I must avoid that pill at all costs now. That's just me and I know others get on well with it.

I think now you're at home, with a bit of luck, your heart rate will come down. You need a good sleep too.

Let us know how you get on please.


I will thx

Hi its the heart bet is 80 to 91 now better than i was in hospital thankyou

That sounds better Karim.


Hello Karim

I have had a look at some of your old posts. Am I right that you have had paroxysmal AF for 18 years, that you had an ablation 2 months ago and that you take an anticoagulant?

May I ask how old you are and do you feel able to share your domestic situation? Are you getting lots of TLC at home, it sounds like you need it.

How are you feeling this morning? Do you feel anxious?

Sometimes taking things quietly at home helps to settle an episode of AF. Plus you need to catch up on your sleep.

In your situation, if I felt OK , I would send the electrophysiology nurse an email or text explaining why you had to discharge yourself (which I quite understand by the way) and ask for an early appointment with her/him.

Asking for a home visit from your GP is sometimes the best way to get a same day appointment at the surgery. In your situation seeing your GP asap would be another reasonable way to get the advice you need.

karim123 in reply to Hidden

I was in hospital 4days not getting enough sleep so the heart was 100 to 165 , for 4,days now is. Doing 80 to 91 better, as i had good sleep. I will call the nurse as i have appointment with cardia in 3month, thx

You can get quite desperate when you have not slept for days. That in itself is enough to get you into a state. You are under a great deal of stress which does not help at all. Other than seeing your GP and explaining what has happened and contacting your cardiologist direct if you can, try and de-stress yourself. Why don’t you sit yourself quietly in front of the TV with your feet up and watch a funny program that makes you laugh or one of your favourite films. It might take your mind off it for an hour or so and relax you a bit. Have you tried stroking your vagus nerve? Cold flannel on the face? Lie down with your feet above your head if your bp is low. Try to think of the most wonderful things you can and breathe deeply. That always helps me. Good luck

karim123 in reply to GrannyE

Thankyou so much i will,

Hidden in reply to GrannyE

That's marvellous advice GrannyE. I need to remind myself to stop fretting and try to see the funny side of life more.

Unfortunately I always seem to be in the wife's bad books!

GrannyE in reply to Hidden

Oh dear. Have you told her you love her recently? Have you also told her that you appreciate it cannot be much fun for her your having atrial fibrillation which unfortunately makes you more anxious and less able to cope than you would normally be but it is part of the condition? You realise this puts an extra strain on her and you are sorry for that but it is not a lot of fun for you either.

Fretting does not help anyone. You have to accept that this is where you are. You can think of ways of moving on from here, that is not fretting but constructive.

I know it sounds trite but count your blessings. Warm and comfortable, enough to eat, not frightened of a knock at the door in the middle of the night. There is much to be thankful for. Just think of those poor refugees in the cold with nothing............

Hidden in reply to GrannyE

Thank you GrannyE.

Nothing trite about anything you have said. Just because I'm an anxious sort of chap, doesn't mean I shouldn't pull myself together. If my therapist all those years ago had said that just once, I would be a lot richer now I suspect.

That said I think there is a place for anxiolytic medication for some of us. Without it, I would not be here to enjoy the pleasure my younger boys, 10 and 12 bring me, however challenging their behaviour is at times for a 69 year old!

And yes I do tell my wife I love her. But she still shouts at me when I ask if she really wants that almond croissant with her cappuccino at Carluccio's. And she wasn't at all pleased when I bought her the new Kenwood mixer she had mentioned, for our silver wedding anniversary.

Happy Christmas GrannyE

GrannyE in reply to Hidden

Sounds as if she has her own problems. Does she feel she has too much on her plate do you think? Maybe if you feel up to it you could offer to take the boys out so she can relax and do her own thing or offer to look after them while she goes and does something she wants to do or just reads a book at home in peace. I know all about 10 and 12 year old boys and how exhausting they can be. Perhaps when it is warmer you could take them to something like Go Ape, climbing around in tree tops, when the weather is warmer, or swimming and watch from the gallery, or to a local ice rink and sit on the side.

It is possible that although your wife wanted a Kenwood what she really wanted, as well, was something personal for her and not something which she woud have to use for her housewifely duties - a pretty scarf or a pair of earrings (they come in all price ranges)

When she gets irritated and cross try not to rise to it. Breathe deeply, shoulders down and try not to answer back. Try to stay calm. Very difficult I know and easier said than done esp as at those moments your heart starts to act up like crazy.

Anyway you can always get things off your chest and have a rant here. Writing about it might make you feel better and that is good for the heart. Even if you don’t post it here just writing about it and then deleting it might help.

Good luck and have a lovely Christmas yourself

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