Tambocor v Generic Flecainide - more frequent incidences of PAF - update

Since my post the other day I have done some investigating.

I spoke to the distributors of Tambocor in the UK who are "Meta Pharmaceuticals" They tell me that they are out of stock until mid September. I went to my doctor and got a prescription for Tambocor he understood my point of view even if I was clutching at straws - not that that was necessarily his opinion. I then went to the Pharmacy who phoned his supplier who said that the UK version is available and that the European version was not. He has ordered the UK version and I will go and see if it looks right tomorrow. He checked and was told it was not Generic.

I told my doctor exactly the course of action I was taking to control my increased incidences of AF in the past week and he said that I was doing all the right things and that the dose I was using was just within the maximum I could take in any 24 hours.

The reason I am pursuing this action is that once again I was woken up by AF during last night and didn't sleep from 04:00 onwards. I managed to get back to NSR within an hour by taking extra Flecainide (generic - all I have) plus 2.5Mg of Bisoprolol. My latest episode of AF is the fourth in a week which is totally unprecidented for me in all the years I have had PAF.

I have written to my Cardiologist via email but he is away until tomorrow hopefully I will get more guidance and perhaps you never know a rescheduled AF ablation.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


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  • Good result so far. Let's see what happens when you get the Tambacor.

  • Good evening Peter

    My Pharmacy obtained Tambocor today for me - good when a plan comes together. I am glad I persevered.

    Now for the acid test will it make a difference?

    Physiologically I feel better already.

    Thanks for your support.


  • Well it could take 2 to 4 weeks to see!!!

  • Yes I think it took weeks to get worse.

    Still waiting for a new date for the ablation but not counting my chickens with the impending Doctors' strike.

  • Yes I know that. Fortunately my next appointment with Specialist Cardiologist is next Friday 09 Sep so it is just squeezed in on time. The last time it was cancelled and delayed a couple of months and what with problems and Blood Pressure going up I don't want that!!!

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