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Another great podcast - FRESH


I listened to this podcast today and the special guest was Dr Zarrin Shaikh, a cardiologist who has also done a lot of work with sleep and now has a focus on lifestyle medicine.

Dr Shaikh has her own website - Fresh heart project. FRESH stands for - Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness. Something we all need to get right in our lives.

Dr Rupy Aujla, host of The Doctor's Kitchen was diagnosed with AF when he was studying medicine.

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Thanks Kaz. Think we all need to change out lifestyles. Somebody recently pointed out to me that most people in 3rd world countries are smiling yet look around you.

Thank you, kaz! Xx

Just got this guys book it's very good !


Polski in reply to Andyc934

Please - Which book are you refering to - by Dr Rupy or Dr Shaikh?

Andyc934 in reply to Polski

Dr Ruppy the doctors kitchen its very good !

Kaz747 in reply to Andyc934

And he now has another book out “Eat to Beat Illness”. I haven’t read that as yet.

Thank you for posting these Kaz, I look forward to listening to them. Medicine needs to press the reset button as much as we do individually on lifestyle. I think its no coincidence that integrative practitioners and changed lifestyle just (to me anyway) seem simple common sense. It has certainly worked for me.

Thank you for that!

Thanks Kaz. I lidtened to them both last night.

Thank you Kaz747! I listened to the podcast yesterday and it was excellent!! I never knew Dr Aujla had issues with A-fib. Dr Shaikh Fresh Project sounds very similar to Dr Dean Ornish’s whom she says is a mentor of hers. Very good. I like listening to these types of podcasts as they inspire and keep me motivated.

Always happy to share what I find. I love podcasts - I listen to them when I'm walking, at the gym, driving (via bluetooth) and often when I'm cooking as well. My favourite health & lifestyle podcasts are:

The Doctor's Kitchen - Dr Rupy Aujla

Feel Better, Live More - Dr Rangan Chatterjee

The Food Medic - Dr Hazel Wallace

The Real Food Reel - Stephanie Lowe (Australian sports nutritionist)

Unstress - Dr Ron Ehrlich (Australian Holistic Dentist)

The House of Wellness - (Australian Radio Show)

dmjtanner in reply to Kaz747

Good ideas!

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