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Acupuncture/ magnesium supplements?


Read a few articles which suggest acupuncture for AF sufferers . Curious if its worth trying? Western medicine seems to be driven by research, or measure it if it moves scientific approaches. Would like to explore the concepts- would like to know if its useful for an individual who has permanent AF. What do other AF sufferers think of magnesium supplements? I am prepared to try em both- but would like advice and guidance from people with AF. I have asked health care workers and they given mixed responses.

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I have just started with the accupuncture. So far Im a supporter. And I hate needles.. !


Magnesium is a common supplement many of us take.

I never say never and think that alternatives can be helpful. I have not had acupuncture but I do visit a Bowen practitioner who performs vagus nerve calming procedures which have helped from time to time. Bowen i suspect uses similar pressure points or laylines to acupuncture but with small manipulations rather than needles.

I have found over the years that good hydration is vital and always respect the Pee colour . The colour of dry white wine is fine but if it looks like orange juice then drink a litre of water asap. Tea and coffee do not count as they make you lose water.

I take magnesium supplements which I feel help greatly.

I tried acupuncture for afib about 10 years ago and felt that it actually made it worse. I know others have had I guess it's an individual thing. Goodluck if you try it..hope it works for you.

I take magnesium and think it helps

You have nothung to lose by trying , but there is no shortcut, everything take time

I have tried to take magnesium, several different kinds, but always makes me very dizzy, and nauseous - to the point that even turning over in bed made me feel that I was on the ‘waltzer’ at the funfair!

I take magnesium and it helps with reducing palpitations. As for accupuncture, if it works for you, then it works for you.

I tried it many years ago for back pain and it was a waste of money

What dose of magnesium do you peeps take? I have bought magnesium taurate...

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