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I have a vagal AF and live in US. I would be interested in two major supplements that had been mentioned several times: magnesium and probiotics. In US nothing is regulated and supervised when we are dealing with supplements. Some doctors reject to talk about these supplements because they are not approved by FDA. What kind magnesium and probiotics are recommended by the UK medical authorities for the vagal AF?

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  • I would like to ask you as you live in the states what test or how do they know you have vagal af. I am not sure I understand the whole Vagal af but my doctor has never ever mentioned that to me. I have read some comments on this site but not fully understanding it. Chris

  • Hi Chris, if you have a tendency for AF in certain situations (stressful), more likely in the evening/in bed during the night (particularly sleeping on the left side) or after a big meal, then its likely you have Vagal AF.

    The cures I have used successfully (so far!) are practice relaxation/breathing exercises regularly, prayer, change habits/start new hobbies, sleep with more pillows and not on your left side, avoid large meals/caffeine/alcohol and at night big steaks.

    Hope something there helps.

  • Thank you so much.

  • I get AF only after the meal late in the afternoon or evening. My vagal AF is connected with hiatal hernia and heartburn. Simply it is connected with the food and digestive system that are both controlled by the vagus nerve.

  • My Doctor has an understanding of the importants of magnesium and potassium in the electrical health of the heart and has tested for deficiencies in both. Control of the quality of a supplement you purchase is down to you own checks on your supplier. I sure there a many on here with greater knowledge than me.

  • I have Vagal AF and my understanding is that I need to watch my mind and my stomach more than others who have a less active Vagus Nerve (the mind, heart, stomach super highway)

    I don't talk to doctors about the VN because they have to keep their advice within very narrow boundaries. I found an experienced Naturopath and rely on him to choose the right Mg and Probiotics.

    He gave me Nutri Muscleze Ultra, which is a compound of Mg and lots of other good stuff for the heart plus CoQ10; the former to relax the mind and the heart muscle and the latter to strengthen the muscle. As I have poor gut soil, he has given me a biggish dose of 'advanced probiotics', which I believe he makes up himself.

    I would seek an Alternative Practititoner yourself who you can trust - I regard this area as an important part of controlling AF, which I haven't had for 2 years now.

  • Hi there,

    Can I use this space to reply to Orchardworker and Choroba13. I believe - generally speaking - most GP's and a great many Cardiologists simply won't accept the influence of the vagal nerve despite the fact that it is accepted internationally as being a major nerve in the central nervous system - a wandering nerve - and one which controls both heart and digestive system. Here's the punch line - go to a Gastroenterologist ( a stomach consultant) and they'll know all about it. If you 'Google' the topic there is shedloads of research on this topic.

    Once I'd identified food as a trigger for AF and my GP had cleared me of other gut issues I went to a Nutritionist (Dietician maybe in US). She prescribed a probiotic of 450billion bacteria per sachet VSL#3 to settle/strengthen my gut flora and advised to go Gluten and Wheat free and to follow the FODMAPS diet.

    I also take CoQ10.

    I am now 6 years into this process and my last recorded AF event was in April 2015. I don't take any magnesium supplements but I do have a greenish banana a day (every day regardless)with lunch. My understanding is that in US you guys are far more advanced in Vagal Nerve thinking than we are in Britain.

    So basically - yeah I agree with orchardworker.

    May the force be with you.


  • Did you mean a low FODMAPS diet?

  • How much CoQ10?

  • I have permanent AF and wear a pacemaker. I just take a standard magnesium supplement. It hasn't been recommended by my GP or cardiologist but i read an article some months ago by an American woman who said that people with AF were often found to be low in magnesium. It should be possible to get your magnesium level checked if you are in any doubt. The only side effect is the risk of loose bowels if you take too much but you will soon know how much is too much! There is also a recipe for making your own magnesium drink. One chilled litre bottle of soda water, add 3 tablespoons of milk of magnesia. (Carefully because the soda water fizzes up) Recap the bottle and give it a shake. Store in the fridge for half an hour then shake again. Leave to settle then mix one part mixture to eleven parts water. It is a cheap and easy and harmless way of getting more magnesium into your system.

  • I take magnesium daily in liquid form. Floridex and occasional potassium it seems to have helped hugely. See dr Sanjay Gupta York university YouTube

  • Is fluorides in UK or in USA?

  • Sorry I meant floridex

  • Its UK but prob can internet it Good luck

  • Be watchful of the levels of minerals in your blood. I have just been diagnosed with high Potassium levels and that's without supplements and reading medical sites, it's not good and I have to try and get mine down. I understand with magnesium that your body rejects it if you overdose. That's what happens to me if I take mag at all, I get a bad stomach within a few days and the trots (the runs :-( ), so guess I must be getting loads naturally?


  • I too have trouble tolerating magnesium even in small amounts. The spray magnesium was recommended but I have not tried it yet.

  • In answer to your question, UK medical authorities do not recommend any supplements at all. There is a great deal of discussion about supplements but nothing official in fact most doctors will tell you that if you have a normal diet you do not need them. What members may find or say is not official and there appears to be little if any scientific study in them. I do always caution people to discuss any supplement with their doctors.

    That said, people do claim to have benefit from magnesium although one must be careful not to take too much or your life will be contained in the smallest room of your house.

  • Regarding your last paragraph, no bathroom issues if you're taking the right kind of magnesium -- magnesium taurate or a combination of magnesium and taurine is best and it literally seems to calm the heart.

  • Is this found in pill or liquid or powder? Recommended dosage?

  • Try Heart Calm by Vital Biologics-- 300 mg of magnesium, plus taurine, small amount of potassium and C0Q10. Or, alternatively, taurate (250 mg) sold by Cardiovascular Research (half the cost of Heart Calm). Both are in pill form and seem to calm the heart, resulting in fewer and milder episodes--at least for me. I'm in the US and order online.

  • That's magnesium taurate -- word missing above.

  • Magnesium levels in the serum - from a blood test your doctor would do - will not tell you whether or not the level in the cells are low - it is the cell level you need which is a specialist test on a red blood cell and you can find a lab who test for that on the Internet for both UK & US if you search.

    An excess of Potassium - which you could get from eating too many bananas - would give you AF but would also be dangerous for kidney function.

    As Koll says supplements are not for everyone and because something works for one person, does not mean it will for everyone so be very careful - research the subject carefully - I cannot take magnesium without dire consequences to my muscle function (magnesium tells the muscle to relax) and I have a weak muscles from another condition so for me magnesium is always contraindicated.

    Naturopaths are the people to see to advise you, even my EP admitted that medical training does at no point cover nutrition and mineral deficiencies and that it should so asking for medically approved advise on supplements is akin to ask if to see a tall pigmy - they don't exist,

  • I live in USA. I buy my supplements -as needed= after checking annual fee) trusted site for research,places to buy ,etc,

  • the human race as survived on earth for millions of years working and developing their understanding of natural healing.most of that knowledge had been wiped out in Britain on the arrival of Christianity and anyone found practicing miraculous healing was burn as a witch. it was soon replaced by money making drug companies. a wise old north america Indian once said that for every illness there is a herb, okay they never had to deal with all the pollution and chemical we deal with today but i would never trash natural treatments

  • Read Caroline, Deanes book on magnesium. ..Dr and natropath. .I'm on magnesium and potassium with Drsh approval as on warfarin and Bisoperol. her website also lots of information. ..but do check with your dr..first..I have used both for over Twelve months which has helped me...hope that helps.....S

  • Try.....also EFT. ..look on web....helps the anxiety of AF at the start. works for me


  • And there's the problem !! Naturpaths at one end cardiologists the other end and us in the middle frantically lost looking for the right way to go, it would be so nice and refreshing if we all were pulling in the same direction ,sorry for the rant but I am tired with all the yes it's good for you and no it's not good for you ,

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