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Getting loads of ectopics and cancer might be back!


Hey all,

Recently I've been getting loads of ectopics. Now I've had these for years even before my AF and was never worried about them, but in the last week I have had loads, and was wondering if anyone has any ideas why that might be. I've been stressed lately due to family issues, plus health, but I can't really see that would affect the amount of ectopics I am getting.

I also feel tired a lot more now, and am struggling to stay awake past 4pm on some days. I am trying to get as much sleep as I can to try and help my fatigue.

Also the cancer might be back, was admitted to A&E over the Bank Holiday whilst in Dorset as I was getting pains similar to last time, and after an appalling service by the staff at Dorchester Hospital, I was sent back to my oncologist in Brighton who I saw today. He was appalled they did not even scan me, so he's sending me for urgent MRI, CT and ultrasound tests.

Strangely I'm pretty cool about it all, it's my heart that often gives me more to worry about.

Well hope everyone out there is doing ok...

Thanks for reading


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That’s not good Leon. I hope all is well with the tests. Take care x

Hi Kaz, thanks a lot. I’m sure I’ll be ok x I’ve got an MRI best week, so I’ll see how that goes! X

Oh my I'm so sorry to hear about all that's going on for you and I hope the tests provide good news.

Re the ectopics I think tiredness can trigger them. Keep your fluid uptake up and may be think about a magnesium supplement. If you're very tired in the day do you think you may have sleep apnoea?

Good luck


Hi Amanda, one thing I gave to confess is that I dong drink enough fluids. I never have to be fair. I really have to start increasing my intake!

Sorry to hear this news Leon. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for you that your scans will reveal all is well.

Will be waiting to hear your results and wishing you well.


Hi Jean, thank you. MRI next week, so let’s see how that goes. I’m ok in myself to be honest. I am used to this way of life now

Hi there Leon,

Your comment could have been written by myself it's so very similar to my own situation right now. My af is having a party these last few weeks and I'm also having scans etc as I fear my cancer may be back to have another bite at me. I can empathize with all you say and yes, including being wiped out by late afternoon. No fun at all. Glad to read that things are being checked urgently and my fingers are crossed for you that things are not what you fear. I know that fear only too well.

stay strong.

Blue :-)

Hi Blue, I saw my oncologist last week and he said I require an urgent MRI, CT and ultrasound. I’ll see how they go, and fingers crossed it’s nothing to worry too much about. Feeling tired is pretty much the norm for me these days, but it does get you down as even the most basic things are a struggle! Hope you are ok?

Sorry to hear you're going through it again. It would be "easy" to say it's down to the family issues, stress and anxiety can do funny things to you. But I hope nothing sinister comes of this latest bump in the road.

Keep us informed and the very best of wishes for you

Thanks Jedi, stress can play all sorts of tricks on you, but this is more than that. But I’m remaining positive and hoping that it’s all ok. If it isn’t then I’ll deal with that too. I’m not letting it stress me out too much to be honest. What’s the point of worrying about what you can’t control?

Yep I agree. I can relate to that when my marriage broke down 5 years ago (she left me when I thought stuff was OK)...... and it took 2 months to have a eureka moment and say to myself.... I can't change it... it is how it is... how we got to this point doesn't matter... she's not sitting worrying about the situation so why should I?

I've tried to apply it to other aspects since then with reasonable success!

I realise that sounds really trivial compared to your situation, and I didn't mean it to be

Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything wrong in what you said. I too am suffering from relationship issues and the stress that can cause is unbelievable at times. We are hanging on by a thread, luckily not married, but a mortgage and 2 kids added to the fact we’ve been together for 18 years means we are all but practically married.

I’ve considered leaving off my own steam on occasions for the benefit of my health and her’s also.


Sorry to read that Leon. Had a scare myself last year when blood tests spiked but seems to have been a false alarm. We live with these little trials don't we. Regarding the ectopics please try the slow deep breathing thing. Over the years I have had bouts of ectopics from time to time lasting as long as a couple of months which have gone as quickly as they arrived. Strange thing the human body!

Dangerousdriver in reply to BobD

Hi Bob, let’s hope it’s a false alarm much like you. I do the breathing stuff and it works sometimes, not always practical to do the breathing when at work though. The body is indeed strange and amazing how we react to stress etc in different ways.

So sorry to read this Leon. Yes I do think stress and anxiety can increase your ectopics You may not feel stressed but you are naturally bound to be a little anxious. I wish you all the best Leon.

Hi Dachli, yes I agree. Stress can cause many strange feelings inside us. But aside from living in a cave in the middle of nowhere, it’s so hard to live a stress free life which is ideally what I need. Thank you for the kind wishes

Hi there, i do trust your tests come back clear & you have good care. I too have really bad ectopics for say 2 or 3 weeks then they go quiet only to be back after a few weeks. Cant say why but I would say stress & worry always affect the hear

t I know, I've had my share. Very best wishes

Thank you Ruskin, I am coping, but it’s not always easy. My pains coming from the previous cancer site is at least taking my mind of my heart at times lol...

When things are going on in the body, inflammation can cause the body to react in ways pertaining to one’s specific body. In my case, I have tendencies for auto-immune disease to pop out when my cancer (NHL) is back. The inflammation causes me to get a rheumatoid condition called PMR.

I am dealing with all kinds of tests now too, to see exactly how we’re going to treat the return of my blood cancer. In the meantime, because of familiar reactions going on in my body, I didn’t need blood tests and cat scans and pet scans to tell me what is going on. I see these pre-cancer symptoms as good, because we get a jump on things before things get too bad. Also, they check my CRP number and when this number goes up, we know something is happening

I hope all works out good for you in your journey.

I am so very sorry to hear this, must be such a worrying time for you. Thinking of you, please keep us updated.

Ah thank you Irene, I’m actually ok. I’m not worrying too much. It is what it is. I’ve got my MRI next week, so I’ll see what happens after that.

With me ectopics come and go and, as has been suggested, they often seem to be a response to stress. A few weeks ago I had lots of them and was convinced that this marked a worsening in my condition. But last week I had hardly any, possibly because I calmed down a bit. Next week they might return! They certainly cause anxiety via a feedback mechanism- the more of them you get the more you worry, which in turn makes them more likely to increase. Bear in mind that if you succeed in relaxing, the ectopics don’t usually vanish instantly, they take a few days to settle. There are several YouTube videos by Sanjay Gupta which are quite reassuring; if you haven’t seen them already, it’s worth taking a look.

Hey, thanks. Yep I’ve kind of subscribed to that the fact that stress causes more ectopics and even SVT etc. But in the real world it’s so hard to avoid stress. I might try to find a deserted island i can live on lol.

Could I maybe be your next island neighbour please? We could all probably do with some stress free living!! Stay strong and I have everything crossed for you.

Blue x

Ha ha, with pleasure. I might even let you come and visit my island from time to time lol

So, had my MRI last Friday and the oncologist’s secretary called yesterday saying he wants to see me today, so that sounds ominous. I’ve been in constant pain downstairs since Saturday and it’s getting me down. Not really said anything to my boss, as he is Mr. Procedure and will only get me carted off to Occupational Health and they are God Damn awful. They’ll say I am unfit to work and restrict me for however long.

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