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HI GUYS HOW can I make sure that I don’t Have AFIB ? I did holter monitor and echo test and CBC and TSH and 4 ecgs and every thing was great. My problem is that I have anxiety and palpitations almost all the day which make me really uncomfortable and all my thinking is in my heart. I feel shortness of breath and when I claim the stairs I feel shortness of breath also and I think that I will get a heart attack and die 😭. I have been in this situation for 8 months right now.

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Hi R2.

Easy to say but try not to worry. Anxiety and afib go hand in hand. We have all felt we might have a heart attack when in afib. Here`s a promise - you won`t. Your response to a racing heart is normal.

All your tests show everything is fine - hold on to that thought the next time you feel a panic attack coming on. Why not look in to doing something calming - yoga for instance ?

If you have been feeling like this for 8 months why not talk to your doctor. Personally I think 8 months is long enough to feel that way. Take the first step and contact your GP in the morning ? You could be referred to someone who can help and talk things though.

This way you are taking the first step to over coming your fears. I think even knowing this will make you feel better.

Good luck - I hope all goes well for you.



R2edma in reply to Paulbounce

Thanks a lot Paul I really appreciate your reply it made me relaxed right now . But my problem is that I feel my heartbeat all day long it’s in the range of 50-80 nothing more but I feel it immediately when I rest and when it’s go I feel very scared and I think my heart has stopped

R2edma in reply to R2edma

I forgot to mention that I am 20 years old bodybuilder

You really need to get to the BOTTOM of why you have such anxiety because anxiety can trigger severe palpitations. When you are feeling anxious start taking deep breaths of air like five of them and sit still. I suspect that you are holding your breath. But you need to figure out what is making you anxious and work on that.

R2edma in reply to Dawsonmackay

I really appreciate your reply dawson I think your are right I need to focus on my anxiety .


It sounds to me as if you really need to get some help for the anxiety. You have been told that all tests show you healthy yet your worry continues. Since this anxiety causes your problems treating that will eliminate the symptoms. Why not investigate cognitive behavioral therapy or mindfulness to help you.

R2edma in reply to BobD

Thanks a lot bob for your reply I will try to go to a therapist tomorrow.

Hi , are you taking any body building ‘supplements” ?

Anxiety is a terrible state It colours your life in every way. Dee

As soon as I saw the word 'bodybuilder' I wondered exactly what you are doing to your body. Exercise can be addictive on its own. I think you need to review your lifestyle, maybe with professional help if possible.

Sounds like hyperventilation syndrome. Next time you have an episode take a small paper bag then start breathing in and out of the bag for a few minutes. If it stops then slow down enjoy life more and feel lucky it's not AFib. Good luck.

Hello R2edma,

AFib has a very distinctive "regular" irregular beat. Like Beat Beat Rest Beat, Beat Beat Rest Beat. There are plenty of other irregularities out there. Skips, extras, pounds... Once you become aware of your beat it is easy to catch these and anxiety makes them worse. I would stop your supplements and check the fine print on individual herbs or other things you are taking. You will be surprised how many warn of causing fast or irregular heart rates. Caffine and alcohol can todo it too.

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