mom chf and afib

my mom is doing better now after her bout with chf and bronchitis in march. the shortness of breath is minimal on exertion. she has paroximal afib too.she is going to several drs. the heart, kidney, and general doctors. she had physical therapy in the house and is walking with her cane. she is on o2 only at nighttime. she can leave the house without it and does not have any problems with breathing. the dr upset me saying chf in mom's age group isn't good. she may live two years. how does he know. is he God. she is doing better and this really upset me. i said i am aware of this and don't mention it to my mother. she will surely give up.....he said ok. please i need some support. thank you i am her daughter

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  • well just wait and see and enjoy every moment you have together hopefully she will prove them wrong. She is better than she was so thats positive isnt it. Its hard when our parents are poorly .thoughts and good wishes to you both and your family

  • Oh dear what a harsh comment from the doctor. As you say your mum is better than she was previously and the signs are much improved for her. On a positive note she is able to go out now and have an improved quality of life.

    None of us know what the future holds and doctors may give their thoughts from their medical perspective but as many have found they are often way off beam.

    It's not easy to shake off his comments and you are right that this information would be counter productive for your mum. My uncle had a heart attack and condition so severe age 45 that medical opinion was he would be gone from us very shortly. He recovered and had his 92nd birthday in May, he still has his heart condition from childhood but lives a full and active life both physically and mentally and is alert as someone half his age.

    Take comfort in your mothers improved condition and ensure the two of you enjoy every minute as we all should be doing. In truth we All know we are going to die at some point, her doctor included, so please try to not let his crass comments ruin things or your mum will pick up on it. Life has a funny way of turning out, don't give up and have lots of good times together instead.

    Chin up. Big hugs.


  • Dee thank you for your support. you are correct. these comments make everything seem worse. i know we are all going to die at one point, however, comments of how much time one has is crass and upset me and my brother. yes, i cherish each and every day. thank you so much

  • My mum had chf and af and took 15 tablets a day and the doctors told my family the same as the doctor has told you that she would only have two years at the most. she lived for seven years and then fell and broke her hip had she not broken her hip I think she would have lived longer. so please don't worry enjoy the time you have with your mum.

  • yes, they should not say this to us. we don't know what tomorrow will bring. i take it one step and one day at a time. we are doing the best we can. faith, hope, love, strength, to keep going on. this is for us and all of you. thank you for your support. i am sorry about your mom's passing.

  • My friends auntie has had heart failure for at least 15 years. She has had night time oxygen for all that time. She now has a pacemaker and is 96! Granted, she is often poorly but at that age you would expect something. X

  • yes, this is great. i am keeping positive and you aunt is amazing. you made me feel so much better. thank you

  • I don't know how old your mum is but iam 71and have CHF and AFib I was diagnosed 20 months ago after being rushed to hospital unable to breath literally drowning in my own fluid I spent 8 days in intensive care the docs told my family I was very ill but never once told them the the time I may have left all the comments were positive and they told me with time and the right care my cardiomyopathy could improve like you say they are not god and the will to live is very strong I wish your mum all the best and hope things continue to get better

  • thank you. i hope your are doing well now and always. mom had chf and bronchitis in march 2015. it is 5 months now. she had physical therapy once or twice a week. she needs more help with her endurance. the pt is over now. the dr says it takes lots of time to feel better. she does as much as she can and i encourage her to as well. she had home health nurses and they are discharged now as she is doing better. she also was diagnosed with afib last fall. she is on lots of meds, too and lots of dr visits. she is getting tired of these dr visits as i am sure you know what it is like. we are doing the best we can. she did have extreme short of breath but it is extremely better. she is on high dose of water pills which she is being monitored with bloodwork. she is on oxygen only at night and on occasion in the day in the humidity we are experiencing. she uses a cane to walk. keep getting better. remain positive.

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