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5-HTP - A Trigger?

I take quite a few supplements. These days before I buy anything new I Google the name of the supplement and AFib to see if I get any legitimate hits.

Wanting to try a new sleep aid that has 25 mg of 5-HTP I was surprised to see a few references that said 5-HTP was a trigger for some. Because it helps people to relax this surprised me.

Does anyone here have a problem with 5-HTP? Does anyone successfully use it regularly?

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It's not anything to do with relaxing. It's to do with the chemical in the supplement which might trigger af . If some people have this reaction to the supplement , take heed.

Be well



I've tried 5-HTP because I have galloping insomnia. I can't say I noticed that it affected my AF at all, though it also didn't help me to sleep... One of those things that may affect some and not others I guess!

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Love your name Eatsalottie.😍


Hehe thank you :D


I can't say I use it often. I do use 5http when I have issues sleeping and it works for me. If I take 2 it's hard to get up the next day, sleepy. My wife needs 2 to get same effect I get from 1, so each person is different as we know for so many other substances.

I cannot answer whether it's a trigger or not.


Since you use it and it doesn't appear to bring on events it doesn't sound like much of a trigger. Thank you.


Solar, when you do use it, what dosage do you take?


I use a Vitacost brand in capsule form 100mg.


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