Hi - I've just been reading through previous posts and noticed that a few times indigestion is mentioned alongside bisoprolol. Does anyone know if there is a link? I've had the most awful indigestion for nearly three weeks now and it coincides with increasing the dose from 1.25 to 2.5 a day. I'm quite intolerant of many medications so wouldn't be too surprised.


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  • Hi I do get indigestion and take bisoprolol but find if I eat bread or pastry induces the indigestion ok otherwise so can't put it down to the medication

  • I take bisoprolol but haven't experienced indigestion. I don't think it's listed as one of the possible side effects. Maybe your pharmacist could help as I have found mine both good on answering questions about side effects of medications and also quick and easy to consult. No waiting for an appointment - just walk in and ask!

  • Hi Gildy,

    I was diagnosed with AF in January 2010. At that time I was put on an assortment of medications - including 5 mg of Bisoprolol. Some 4 months later I noticed a connection with the onset of an AF event and food I'd eaten.

    I must say I'd never associated Bisoprolol with digestive issues, more a dysfunctional Vagal Nerve. My digestive symptoms were ........ and not in any particular order ......burping, intestinal gurgling, bloating accompanied by massive pain in the left chest, and diahorrea.

    I consulted a Nutritionist and adopted a new food intake plan which included FODMAPS, wheat free and gluten free and added sugar free and my AF onsets progressively lessened and lessened. I now haven't had an AF event for a little over 2 years.

    In effect I treated calming the vagal nerve, not calming the AF or Bisoprolol per se, I had a bad time with Bisoprolol at first but now have no problems at all - it produces a nice steady heart rate of around 63 to 67 bpm.


  • Thanks John - I'll have to look closer at my diet! Already off sugar and unrefined carbohydrates. Have to say I'd find gluten free difficult but ut may come to it.


  • I too get indigestion, sometimes extremely painful. I do take bisoprolol, but have always blamed the dabigatran which I also take.

    The indigestion is worse if I take insufficient water with the medication. Recently I have started taking the meds just before eating rather than after, and I think things are better.

  • Thanks - that's the trouble when you're on so many medications - difficult to know which, if any are causing the problem!

  • Hi yes Bisoprosol does most definitely cause indigestion!!!! I am such a cocktail of drugs to control my af and sadly most of them have side effects!!!!!

  • How sad, Gillyflower13, you are taking a cocktail of drugs to control your AF especially since your last reply to a post stated you've had ongoing AF for 20 years. Again, my best wishes for your ablation in June and I hope you get to come off some of the cocktail.

  • Think you've replied to the wrong person- I'm Gilldy not Gilliflower🙁

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