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Day 5 after cryoablayion. AF trying to break out


This has been day 5 since my PVI cryoablayion was performed. It was uneventful for the most part until now (it is 5:20AM here in Toronto). 20 minutes ago I woke up feeling stomach bloating, trapped stomach gases, belching (few years back I was diagnosed with functional dyspepsia that causes slow stomach motility which in turn is controlled by vagus nerve) and along with that as usual my heart is trying convert to AF. Before the ablation this was the only trigger and I would go into AF as a result. This time is different. Because of the ablation instead of full AFIB I am getting bunch of ectopic heart beats. This proves to me that ablation is trying ward off the full onset. While I am typing this I feel that my stomach have come down and extra beats are almost gone. I wish if I could some how have my stomach issues resolved I would probably be AF free. Does anyone have similar issue when AF triggered due to functional dyspepsia?

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I haven't had it diagnosed but yes, I believe mine could be. When my heart is bad, I have to give a little cough and often burp. That normally helps.


It is very early in your recovery process. Another three months at least before you are fully healed as I am sure they will have told you. Don't worry too much just yet.

I have been having new palpitations all last night and all evening tonight after dinner. The evening ones were especially scary. They were border line AF. Cardia was showing Unclassified. Eventually after 15 minutes of this craziness it was back to normal. Right after ablation I was told to stop taking flecanide and bisoprolol. Only Xarelto once a day. I know it is to be expected but I am still freaking out. I am not sure if can start taking flecanide again in low dosage to manage the palpitations with out first consulting the EP.

Exactly the same for me. I stopped Flecainide after PVI ablation and had lots of ectopic beats for the first few weeks. They gradually subsided and after a few months I ceased to be aware of them. Probably a sign that the ablation has been successful. If you are worried why not have a word with the arrhythmia nurse.


Hank you Beta44. I will phone them today.

I had a lot of arrhythmias after my ablation. They reduced gradually and disappeared after 5 months. That was three years ago and I am still in NSR.

I also had a lot of problems with my stomach. It has improved a lot by eating fruit and yogurt for breakfast and eating no bread in morning and very little at any time.

Thank you lallym. Every word of support gives me energy continue on this journey.

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