Sneezing a trigger :-)

A bit light-hearted ...... I haven't had real AF symptoms for a couple of years now. But I did a big sneeze this morning (hope I haven't got a cold coming) and pronounced AF kicked straight off on the flick of a switch. It only went on for about a minute then faded away. But it was enough to remind me of what it was like.

Not had that before and not worried about it of course, just surprised and amused. I know that watching a bad film can set me off, just got to make sure I don't watch a bad film when I have a cold :-)


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  • I'm not at all surprised to hear this; I think it is the vagal nerve link. After heavy or spicy meals or too much wine I used to have sneezing fits (short lived but uncontrollable). Now I've knocked these on the head I don't have this anymore (if only the same were true of the AF as it also doesn't like me sitting around, lying in bed, being too hot, being too cold etc).


  • I know what you mean, as had that awful coughing virus recently and found that prolonged bouts of coughing fits defintely upset things a bit!

  • Ha, ha, I found that a sneeze got me out of AF :)

  • I think that's called a coldio-version :-)

  • I love it.

  • Is AF atriol Fibrillation? I get that at certain times. Is yours rapid fibrillation or a stopping and jumping about type?

  • What I get it a fairly rapid, irregular tapping and jumping about. A bit like a muscle twitch.

  • Well, I've been sneezing all day and my AF is still alive and kicking !

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