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Update-Third time a charm?

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Here I go again-For those who didn’t read my previous posts. 2014 first AF event- anti coagulation started xarelto and first cardio version- six months later- PIP pocket Flecanide - worked well at first to convert to nsr gradually took longer then more events . 2017 first ablation- a breeze felt so peaceful-for eight months no meds then Flutter. Second ablation- with a disturbing blanking period of different meds and five cardio versions- back on Flecanide daily- but alas three days ago anxiety, stirring inside, next day Wednesday dizzy sweating and Omeron BP couldn’t register any - high bp. Low bp low hr high hr

I am blessed that I was able to speak with on call nurse at the Heart Institute and get an appointment the next day and come up with a plan

EKG at first looked normal but then revealed a new minute AF Flutter mix as to something the drs haven’t seen before. I said I have a stressed week of busy- They assured me this is not caused by triggers- and can’t be sure why

My choices were : convert to nsr and back on Flecanide, three day hospital stay with monitored new drug tikekadin???? Till I converted and remained convert or stay in AFIB Flutter so they have a better success with the procedure.

They got me in the following day today believe me I had to cancel things etc and soon I go in

My thoughts to new people is to go with acceptance in one step at a time and I am so blessed they could get me in so soon and they are doing what they can cuz I am going to Cuba in six weeks and feeling apprehensive cuz of how would I get care there

Talk tomorrow Tantaanna

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Oops stay in fib and have an ablation today

Best wishes for the ablation

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