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Falling in love and afib

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Hi guys, now I really need your help. I am 62 and I have fallen for a doctor, my age, irony a cardiologist, not mine but from a neighbouring town. Now I am excited all the time, I sleep only 4-5 hours and I am feeling every beat of my heart, in sinus rythm but hard. I have a feeling that this situation with all those hormones in my body, is sabotaging the good results I had till now been af free with a lot of life style changes. I am aware of it - the stress- but on the other hand cann't do much because it is bigger than me. Has anyone been in the same situation and come up with some advice? Thank you.

ps please don't laugh its life...

34 Replies

I'm afraid, as a bloke, I can't offer any meaningful relationship advice!

in reply to jedimasterlincoln

Don't put yourself down Jed your an inspiration to us all....

Is this unrequited love or does he feel the same that is the question...I am assuming the person is a he...

It's a nice feeling being in love with another human being whatever our age and l can remember being a little in love with my GP many years ago too...

I don't know what to say really except that l am a teeny bit envious as it was a few years ago since l last had that being in love feeling and come to think of it thats when my heart started to play up too..

Good luck and enjoy...


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ornella in reply to

Thanks Carol, he is feeling the same and he is not my doctor, my cardiologist is a woman and she doesn't agree with that, she says heart works better

in a balanced sentimental state...

in reply to ornella

ornelia,follow your heart for me there is no other way...

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ornella in reply to

I will , can't do otherwise.

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BobDVolunteer in reply to

I'm dissapointed by that news. Lol 😂

in reply to BobD

Well Bob there's always an exception to the rule..😚

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ornella in reply to BobD

Hi Bob sorry to disappoint you, lol

Vital research (from Italy naturally) confirms what you suspect 🙂


I say go for it.

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ornella in reply to

Thank you I checked it.

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Follow your heart since it is mutual and provided there are no blocks to it.

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Hi Ornella

Enjoy this overwhelming feeling while you have it. I don't want to be a killjoy, but it will gradually ease off a bit after a few months into a calmer relationship - it naturally does and that's a good thing or madness would prevail. I call the phase you're in now 'being in lust', it's a wonderful feeling but does take over your life. If you feel it's disrupting yours through your being unable to sleep, ask your GP for some mild sleeping tablets while you get through this brief period. See a lady doctor if you can as they're usually more understanding about such things.

Also try not to focus totally on the relationship all the time, get out and do things you'd normally be doing to take you mind off of it and give you some respite.

I really hope your heart will stay in sinus rhythm, it's a risk you can't help but take.

Best wishes


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ornella in reply to jeanjeannie50

Thank you Jean, I will do exactly what you advised me to, you really helped, best wishes back.

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DueNorth in reply to jeanjeannie50

Hi Jean. You're talking about what I call 'the peak of hot'. That's the point for me when a relationship crescendos, and it either plummets to earth or sails off into the sunset...

Mind you, it's a while now since I experienced the 'peak of hot'... the best I've had since was the 'slight incline of warm'...

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jeanjeannie50 in reply to DueNorth

I know what you mean!

I think there has to be more of a connection than that early physical attraction and lustful desire, for a relationship to last (not that I'm putting that down, because it's an amazing feeling and should be enjoyed). There has to be a meeting of minds with interesting conversation, similar interests and outlook on life, also lots of smiles, laughter and little signs of caring.

We single ladies on here are a little envious of Ornella and her new relationship, but she has given us all a little glow by sharing her joy.

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What a fabulous way to start a new year. Just let nature take its course and savour the moments.......

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ornella in reply to FlapJack

Thank you really nice words

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I was quite enlightened to read that you are 62 and are able to have such pronounced adolescent-like affections for someone. It’s quite endearing to an old grump like me who only know other old grumps that are way too cynical and condescending to indulge in any possibilities such as yours.

Delightful to read, but being an old grump, I would like to guide you, for your healthy heart’s sake, to slow the adrenaline down a little with some other distractions and use an abundance of mindful caution, as what goes up... well... you know the rest.

Temperance, my dear.

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ornella in reply to fibber-me

Thank you so much and yes you are right and I will slow down but he.... the other part doesn't give me a chance to do it as he is pumping my adrenaline all the time with this and that.... so now we have another one to blame.

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Aprilbday in reply to ornella

You are too adorable. Enjoy this time. Protect your heart.

I dont have any suggestions but want to thankyou for sharing such a sweet time in your life. You put a big smile on my face this morning💜😎

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ornella in reply to

Glad that I did that, sending you my love...and thank you all people there in UK you are awesome.

in reply to ornella

Im sending you love from across the pond, mid missouri, USA. Been married 40 yr, thinking I need to spark that kind of excitement! Sweet stuff! Good luck with your new journey💜

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ornella in reply to

thank you dear all the best to you.

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Aw lovely, reminds me of when I was 22 and met the man I married! I would say go for it but perhaps also control your breathing. Very best wishes.

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ornella in reply to Finvola

Thank you Finvola, also for reminding me about deep breathing I forget it all day long and do it before bed. best wishes to you too.

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Lucky you, enjoy every moment you never know it may work wonders for you heart

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ornella in reply to heartbeat4

thank you and yes we must live for the moment, life is only moments added and nothing more. best wishes.

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dedeottie in reply to ornella

Just enjoy your luck and savour every moment. X

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ornella in reply to dedeottie

thank you, best, xo xo

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Hope there'll be many more magical moments ahead for you both to share Ornella. Cat x

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ornella in reply to cat3

Thnank you so much for your wishes, I hope you have a healthy and happy life yourself.

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Lovely lady , enjoy! Had an eldetly lady patient years ago who said "every time my husband comes in the room her hearts skips a beat". What joy. Our relationship is more like a comfy pair of slippers but suits me.

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