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Coming off Flecainide and Rivaroxaban

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So stopped them both as instructed last Friday night, so this is day 3 of being medication free. Feel somewhat under the weather today, lots of ectopics, heart rate up in the seventies rather than down at sixty, cold sweats and generally feeling knackered. Kardia is still saying normal and no Fibrillation but the actual plot is showing quite distinct signs of anxiety induced stress. Am I going through some sort of cold turkey? Thought all this would be in the post after Saturday morning when I stopped everything but the Magnesium

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Past not post...if only we could post this away!

Maybe this old thread might help

I was told by my EP that when and if I ever reduce my dose of Flecainide I must reduce it gradually. Not sure that ‘cold turkey ‘ is such a good idea. Pete

Sometimes doctors are unaware of the uncomfortable feelings that accompany the sudden withdrawal of drugs if there is no dangerous side effect associated with the stopping. Must admit when I reduced flecainide ( without any other intervention to control AF) I did it more slowly than suggested.

A GP mate of mine said that Consultants are very good at understanding the heart but don’t understand the heart. I knew exactly what he meant. I had a crap day yesterday until my youngest (who is training to be a doctor) took one look at my Cardia and basically told me to man up, what I thought was not good was merely different and still fine. However what it did confirm was even a half pint of beer and a couple of glasses of wine had an effect both on the ectopics and the acid reflux so much so it just isn’t worth the side effects.

That aside Merry Christmas to fellow readers

I had a piece of my own Christmas cake and I was feeling unwell the next day with my heart beat rather chaotic. I couldn't understand it. It was evening before I return to normal. After much reflection, I realised that I laced the fruit cake with rum after it came out of the oven. Hence I'm sticking to eating mince pie

Hi slim you have not said why you have stopped taking the meds?

Because after three months my Cardiologist said all is good, lets see how you go. Day 4 so far so good...

He has equipped me with a 200 mg PiP if I need it but fingers crossed...and typical when he did the EcG it was perfect no ectopics..

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