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Weaning off of Flecainide

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Discussed with doctor via email who said I can try PIP Flecainide because I’ve developed tinnitus. Doctor said I could stop cold turkey, was thinking she would say to wean off of it. Anyone gone cold turkey before? Only been taking it 4 months.

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Yes same with me, my doc said to just stop it, so I did and no problems so far. Im going back to PIP also

Yes Vandalbragg, unlike beta blockers, I was told just to stop Flecainide. I think it’s because it does not stay in the system long.....

Yes I went cold turkey - I don’t think there is any reason to wean off that I know about. It will take a while to clear your body anyway.

Yes, I went cold turkey this time. The time before I dropped the dose very gradually and AF came back before I could completely stop it. I think going cold turkey suits me.


I haven't come off Flecainide yet as still working at getting my overall health to the best I can but very interested to read you have tried both methods Jean. As you say it's what you believe suits you may be right, as the mind does play a role in AF. I will ask Sanjay G when I have a consultation with him next month.

I have been on Flec 4yrs+ and my current plan is to reduce it very slowly to zero over1 year+, especially the bit from 200mgs down to 100mgs as I read that is the biggest change and the one in my case that stopped the AF.

Will be interesting to hear what Sanjay G has to say. I agree with you the mind plays a big part in AF. Though when I did my slow dose decrease last year I was convinced that I'd never have AF again, putting my cure down to having an infected tooth removed.


Good to know thanks Jean.

I stopped cold turkey as per Doctor said and felt better the next day (less dizziness). I use it as a PIP now.

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