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What is this heart thing!!

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I was told by my cardiologist that I have premature heartbeat which are heart papations, i’ve had them for a little over two months and they last all day long !! They put me on metoprolol 50 mg it doesn’t work, they wanted to put me on another medication put scared of side affects😬 I have no other problems with my heart I have all the test! is there anybody that Just has papations??

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These are ectopic beats and quite common. Palpitations just means that you are aware of your heart and has no medical meaning.

Currently in my 8th week of relentless ectopics, felt great since my ablation 2 years ago however this feels worse than my one brief AF episode.......looks like a worrying Christmas and New year until I get an appt in Feb to see consultant, they are very debilitating and having a terrible affect on my day to day life both physically, mentally and in my marriage......

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Yes they are!!! They’re making me so depressed!! A long with everything you said!! I did hear a bout Magnesium citrate said it could work, I’ll try it after I stop taking my med.

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I have become very strict in taking magnesium as both my last two afib episodes came on after forgetting doses. I now take small amounts several times a day of various kinds . So far so good. My afib episodes always start with ectopics . I did have some ectopics one day during the heat wave this summer that did not progress to afib according to my Kardia. I ate a banana, took a bigger dose of magnesium and some extra Bisoprolol and they went away.

Does anyone take flecainide for palpitations???

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