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ablation for atrial flutter


about a year and a half ago i had an ablation for a-fib i had a year feeling well once i got over the ablation which did take a few months as i had to be admitted to hospital again a week after ablation as i could not breathe. my ferenic nerve had been disturbed which caused the breathless feeling. the last 3 months i started having a-fib again and was given flecanide to use as a pip but after taking this during my last a-fib episode i went into a rapid uneven heart rate. i felt very unwell and as i had an appointment at my ep. clinic in 4 days i waited and kept my appointment i was then immediately admitted to hospital with atrial flutter and have now had a second ablation and just been home for 3 days, my heart rate now normal and i just feel very tired but glad to be home. I take rivaroxaban to stop my blood clotting as 3 yrs ago i had a small stroke which was when my a-fib was diagnosed. I should add that i live in a rural location where non of the local hospitals have any facilities to deal with my condition so i have to travel 3 hours to a specialist centre which is why i waited to go there as previous experiences in A+E for hours and then sent home did nothing to help me and made me more stressed. I am hoping for a good outcome and wonder if anyone else has had a simular journey to mine and can offer any help going forward.

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Hello suebel, I can understand why you feel vulnerable and apprehensive about the immediate future, hopefully you are not on your own and have access to help should it be necessary. Normally, ablations for atrial flutter are a bit less of a problem and they are generally more successful than AF ablations. I don’t know if that situation is different for a second ablation, hopefully not, but others with more experience may comment. You might find the AF Association factsheet about recovering from an ablation helpful so click on the link below.....


suebel in reply to FlapJack

thankyou for your reply the fact sheet was very helpful, i have had headache and feel very tired and also had bloating and stomach upset and feel breathless. It helps to know that these are symtoms that will pass after a while. I have support from my hubby who is very understanding but this has gone on for over 3 yrs. and i feel very weary. I am 72 yrs and it seems to take longer to get over things. I have a phone number i can ring but sometimes it seems a long way to the hospital i need to go to. I feel a bit isolated.

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