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I developed Afib in sept, got out of bed on wed morning broke out in sweat heart racing got ready to head to hosp but I returned to feeling normal, Friday morn same thing, got up , sweating heart racing, got dressed headed to hosp, diagnosed with Afib and tachycardia , I was discharged from emerg the next morning and told to see doc and cardiologistwithin a week. When I saw my do she had recurved a letter from hosp saying she was to refer me to cardiologist, echo cardiagram and holter monitor. I have just had the Holter test done over the past weekend. No echo yet or cardiologist Hosp put me on digoxin and metropolol and warfarin have had metropolol raised to 74 2 x a day and warfarin 6 mg, I asked doc about ablation but family doc says unlikely if meds are working.I have a lot of increased anxiety , I find when walking dogs I run out of steam in6 blocks and have to stop every block for a moment and take a deep breath cause feel like not getting enough air. Through nose. I have been reading a lot about magnesium helping can I take it with digoxin, metropolol and warfarin? I also wanted to switch to Eli quo’s but have been told by other people lots of class action suits pending with it and some lady said father had stroke when switched.I am also scared as on knee replacement list not sure how taxing on heart and do not want more Afib issues, I had cortisone injections on sept 10 and had my first Afib on the 12 and then the 14. I am due for anothing injection but not sure if should get it. Thank you in advance for all advice and support

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Well first of all.....take a deep slow breath...AFib is made worse by anxiety,some peop!e even begin AFib through anxiety and stress.Eliquis..if you have beenadvised you need it...I would strongly advise you do.Afib strokes are often very hard to treat and can be catastrophic.

Now..Afib itself is not life threatening. After your medical team work on your results snd formulate a plan,you will feel less unsettled and worried,

Here you will find good support!

myrnalynn52 in reply to wilsond

I am on Warfarin right now I wanted to switch to Eliquis less bloodwork and watching foods , I then keep hearing neg things about Eloquis. I appreciate you responding, I hope the extra support and learning from others will make me less anxious.

I swapped to apixaban ( eliquis) as a cardiologist advised it ( Dr Sanjay Gupta based in York England).

I was on warfarin and didn't fret about about diet just tried to eat my daily greens and avoid grapefruit juice and cranberry.

You will feel better once you've read round the subject. May also be worth looking at Dr Guptas videos on you tube.

Dont confuse him with another tv presenter in U S. Google to find him

myrnalynn52 in reply to Bagrat

Thank you, I will read up on him

AF isn't usually a barrier to Orthopaedic surgery. You will usually be off anticoagulants 5 days before and a couple of days after.

Thank you was concerned but I def need the surgery

I had A-AFib caused by receiving cortisone. Maybe it was lurking but after receiving it—-A-Fib, Hospital and life long meds

Was my thought at the time as it was so coincidental

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