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Hiatus hernia



I am seeking practical solutions for getting off Lansoprosol. I have been taking it for some time as I suffer with chronic heartburn. I have now been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and discovered that this drug actually prevent the body from absorbing calcium. Clearly this poses yet another dilemma for managing old age. I have tried reducing the dosage but h/b rears it’s ugly head immediately. Also tried a bed wedge but found it impossibly painful for my vertebrae fractures. Any suggestions would be much appreciated


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Good morning Barneysmum,

Developed hernia and divulticultilitus post Ablation..Put on Lansoprolol by EP but found drugs side effects worsened symptoms ...

Now l self manage with slippery elm and cider vinegar when condition is particularly troublesome but also mindful of chewing food thoroughly as gulping down will inevitably lead to oesphosigus pain and digestive problems...


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Thanks Carole, I can’t remember the last time I heard about slippery elm, been around since I was a child I’m sure. Will look into it. X

Hi Sue

I suffered for years with daily heartburn, but cured it myself. My soreness came on mostly early morning while in bed, or if I did a lot of bending while gardening etc.

I raised the head of my bed by putting books underneath the legs and avoided all fats and vinegar (hidden in lots of foods e.g. baked beans). I searched on the internet for foods that would help. Eating a banana would bring instant relief, those alongside almonds and red apples have cured the problem and I eat them daily. Now my stomach appears to have healed I find I can eat what I want, but still have little that contains vinegar - just don't like it now. I stick mainly to wholefoods and don't eat anything with artificial additives.

I also wear clothes that are loose fitting around my stomach and very much prefer the comfort of midi or maxi dresses to trousers (there's no need for stomach restricting tights with longer dresses). Though I do still wear stretchy jeans and trousers.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Jean, mind seems to rear it’s ugly head n matter what I eat. I actually eat little processed food, except maybe. Biscuit or 2. Am trying to stop, honest! I usually cook with either butter or olive oil, and rarely fry anything at all. Hadn’t used to have butter at all but have recently started it again in order to help my bones. Will just have to try harder, just not sure how to stop them, blooming things appear to be addictive.

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The butter won't help at all, neither would cheese. Honestly if you want to stop this problem and allow your stomach to heal you have to avoid eating all fats for a while.



Avoid carbohydrates such as bread (sourdough is ok), cereals, biscuits, cakes etc

Sip a cups of warm water with a small slice of lemon before and after meals.

If you get pain then I find liquid Gaviscon followed by warm water will help.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, CD I did stop them about 3 years ago mainly be cause my son kept nagging me. I just stopped but then had diarrhoea for about 3 months. GP sent me for test etc all came back clear. I swear it was all the acid that my stomach had to get used to again, medics obviously didn’t agree with me, but then they always think they know our bodies better than we do. Think I will have to a bit less drastic this time and stop slowly.

My husband suffers as you do (IBS symptoms too). He has cut out all wheat - gone almost gluten free and he is so much better. He is on Omeprazole to help control his reflux/indigestion. He does need to lose weight around his tummy, which is definitely a big factor in his case. He also has AF - all connected.

Hope you find a solution which helps you.



PPIs such as lansoprazole can actually increase reflux long term as they discturb the natural process of digestion and foods remain in the stomach too long encouraging reflux I have been told. The lower stomach sphincter needs an acid environment so by removing that acid it doesnt open to allow food down into the gut. You may have to go through some unpleasant weeks before it settles down but this may be better than not getting this sorted out.

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Hi Bob, thanks I guess I knew there was no easy fix! This last few months have been really tough, put on alondonic acid, caused so many side affects, I only lasted 4months before I packed them in completely, since than had so many courses of antibiotic for a variety of infections. The only positive thing is that AF still fairly stable. Just have to bite the bullet!

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After all of that your gut flora will also be completely shot so you will also need to build up Gut flora by taking both pro and pre biotics - preferably using natural foods such as kefir, kumboocha, fermented foods and probiotics = green leafy vegetables. May I suggest you look at seeing a Nutritionist for a personalised eating plan based on tests.

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That’s on my to do list,

Do you drink tea? Or have drinks with meals? Sorry if that is a stupid question as I am sure you have tried many things.

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Not a stupid question at all. I stopped drinking coffee years ago and limited myself to one single cup of really good decaf per day. As from today that too is no more😳

I have reluctantly replaced my black builders extra strong tea with Darjeeling, now down to two cups a day only. I know it’s got to go am working up to it. Just ordered loads of stuff for breakfast smoothies instead of cereal or toast. Will start dropping off pills next week after a few days of new diet In the hope that it won’t be too painful x

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I drink very weak tea but it still gives me indigestion if I drink it alone. My mother-in-law suffered from ulcers and would never drink tea without a biscuit to prevent acid problems. I have found if I drink with or after food the results can be unpleasant especially if I bend over afterwards. You poor thing, having to balance the bone problem against your stomach problem 😩 💜

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Thanks Buffafly, I appreciate that you have responded. I will keep battling on. Old age doesn’t come by itself I guess. It could be worse.


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