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Quick question, I have a cardiologist appointment tomorrow and for the last 4 days I have been taking metoprolol.

I have been monitoring my heart rate today and noticed upon resting it was down to as low as 51bpm, should I be concerned?

I was trying to decide if I should be going into hospital or not and also SHOULD I TAKE THE OTHER 25MG tonight as I am due to in a few hours?

For the most part my reading are consistent around high 50's, at this low should I be holding off on the meds and is this to low?

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Hi, 51 is low but unless you have symptoms such as breathlessness and/or dizziness it is not dangerously low but it would warrant talking about at your next appointment. Also - did it stay there for a length of time or was it a one off reading?

Our HR goes up and down all the time and for some people that would be a normal rate. What is your ‘noraml’.

Hospital A&E is for emergencies and accidents and that doesn’t sound like an emergency to me but if you were concerned then the first step would be to book an appointment or to talk to your GP or ring 111.

Of course we are not medically trained and don’t offer advice. If you are at all anxious about your conditionyou should seek medical advice.

Best wishes CD.


That is only a little below the lower "normal" of 60 to 100 so unless you suffer bad symptomssuch as fainting etc I would just bring it up at your appointment. I know of plebty of people who quite happily tick along at lower rates. I my view too much checking only serves to increase worry and stress. Go by how you feel.

mine was 34, no need to worry. talk to your cardiologist about your concerns tomorrow

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Hi there noticed you said you had low HR 39 ...I too have readings similar to this without having any effect sometimes lower ..have you had low HR for some time ? Take it you feel ok can you tell me what medication you are on hoping I hear from you ..

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Hi Zezee.

My HR was usually about 55bpm when on Bisoprolol initially before my ablation.

Following ablation it was about 95bpm for several months, then came back down to 55 bpm at the six month mark.

at 12 months (ish) post ablation my HR kept having short bursts of what I thought was tachycardia so I was given a 24 hour holter.

This showed that my HR was 34-39 at rest, the tachycardia was in fact short runs of ectopics that my fitness tracker could not deal with.

It was decided that I stop the bisoprolol as I was feeling awful.

HR is now low 70's but can be as low as 55 when I am really relaxed. Feeling so much better off the bisoprolol and my ectopics have reduced immensely

Hi Ell. Mine is anywhere between 44 & low 50's all the time. Various GP's have seen this & nobody was ever concerned. Apart from feeling tired with the betablocker I'm ok but isn't everyone tired on them

Maybe you should ask about lowering your dose. I have been on beta blockers for years and have not suffered any side effects once the dose was properly titrated.

thanks everyone, off the meds by Friday!

My heart rate is around 44 but drops to 38 when resting the consultant says it's fine as long as I am not dizzy or short of breath.

I agree with Bob. I know it can be difficult but don't get hung up on numbers! I would raise it with your cardiologist though

51 is excellent. This is not anything to be worried about, unless perhaps your normal resting heart rate was very high before and now you are feeling other symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, fainting, or others.

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