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Low pulse and BP


Hi I'm not sure if I should bother my GP as I've been feeling tired for a while, chest pains when breathing in and today checked my BP which was 90/57 with pulse at 52 my phone says this is out of normal and I'm not sure if I should do anything? I'm in my early to mid 40s.

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Really only one answer here - you really must see your gp. If everything checks out you will be relieved and if there is a problem you will know. Go on Monday!

Do they have a minor injuries unit at a bearish hospital or do they have a GP walk-in unit at a clinic or memorial hospital near you? In which case go in tomorrow since that might be easier than trying to get a same day appointment on Monday.

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I am lucky the GPS locally are pretty good for appointments so will call Monday. Have raging headache too which is annoying. Thanks for your reply


Any chest pain needs to be investigated. Do talk to somebody sooner rather than later. If it gets any worse think about A and E (ER for those in US) and for those who know my views on that I do mean it.

But although your pulse rate and BP are on the low side, they are still a normal level for many people.

Pain which is worse on breathing in could be muscular or could be pleuritic and so as mentioned you need to be assessed as soon as convenient tomorrow. Don't wait until Monday.

Hi Piano.......... get to your GP or A & E unit as soon as you can and get it checked out. When I was diagnosed with AF (Atrial Fibrillation) one of the keynote symptoms was a 'flu like feeling', tiredness and VERY erratic blood pressure. In those days my normal was around 136/80 ............. this day it went all over the place, totally haywire and bottomed out at 76/56 with a heart rate of 85 (around 88 was normal in those days for me) - the relatively normal heart rate threw me a bit -it was the erratic blood pressure behaviour that worried me. Went to GP and was in hospital within 1 and half hours of seeing GP and within 9 hours of onset was diagnosed with AF and treatment started.


Drinking plenty of water should bring your BP up a bit, but as others have said you need to seek medical advice. What medication are you on?


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I take HRT and zoton for a hiatus hernia. This morning it has come up a bit. Just stripped bed and exhausted again. I will see how things are after a shower I think.

Hello sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I am on quite a lot of medication for PAF while waiting for an ablation. I am now on 5mg of 5mg of bisoprolol to control my heart rate it now goes along at around 44 per min but my excellent Gp says that as long as it stays over 40 thats ok and that its better for my heart to go at that rate than the rates i do when in AF. If you are sitting resting your heart rate and Bp will both drop mine does Gp says this is normal. Hope this helps a bit i am just recently diagnosed with AF and a leaking mitral valve so am still trying to come to terms with it and find out all i can. I have found tho thats its best to get things checked my Gp is would rather i ring her than just soldier on.

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Thanks for this have checked again it's come up a bit but still have headache. I do take HRT and zoton for a hiatus hernia. I'm sure my husband thinks I'm being neurotic.

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Am sure you arent being neurotic just worried. My Gp usually asks me what my mood is like as she says depression and anxiety are common in people with heart conditions. As i am new to this i have found her help and support invaluable. She has changed medication or upped doses until we have reached a combination that has helped she has also phone the hospital cardiology department more than once and fought my corner re getting appts quicker. Hopefully you Gp is as helpfull.

Do you have af Piano. Problem is if you are in af some bp machines cant cope and may be incorrect reading. As sensible folk here say go to A and E. If you tell them you have chest pain and breathless you will be fast tracked.

Hope you are better very soon. You could try taking magnesium too to help heart function.

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I found this site after reviewing nhs symptoms. I have many of those listed and so asked the question everyone has been lovely. Somewhere ive seen AF is difficult to diagnose so hence my reluctance to waste any busy Dr's time if it's nothing although I'm sure in mid 40s I should not feel so shattered and out of breath, I joined a gym 6 ish weeks ago hoping to find more energy but it's short lived post exercise which is annoying and I'm not classed as overweight I'm a normal size 12

You need a diagnosis, whether the truth is AF or other things. The best way to get that quickly is via A & E as they can do the tests there and then. Your doctor is much more limited in what he/she can do immediately, so it will all take possibly weeks longer, which means you'll go on feeling bad for longer. These vague tiredness/breathless/chest pain type symptoms are important evidence of a problem. Find out what it is sooner rather than later - the specialists are all there at the hospital and can be accessed direct through A & E if they think you need them.

Do you have a smart phone? Download HeartRate (free). You put your index finger over the camera part of your phone and it gives you a visual read out of your heart rate. Regular up and down loops, you're in rhythms. With irregular patterns and pulse high I can see I'm in Afib. For me, I also have episodes of irregular beats without Afib and instead of hills up and down, it shows with the extra beat or two with a smaller hill next to the main beat.

If you like the free version, it's not too much per month to upgrade to the paid, which lets you keep more than the last 5 readings. I just make a screenshot in the free version of troubling ones.

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I do have a smartphone and the hill when tasting do change ive had reading's today from 52 to 59 and the odd Hill change pictures. I also cant shake my headache after taking paracetamol. Chest pains have eased though and I'm still unsure if to do anything.

I worry about wasting peoples time in a and even as I think that's for real life or death situations.

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You are not wasting anyone's time. Go to the emergency room and let them get an EKG so you have the evidence for future care. With the heart pain you've had you will be seen right away. Please consider going in right away.

Does your phone know what's normal for you? I wore a Holter monitor for a month some time ago and it regularly gave bradycardia warnings because my sleeping pulse went below 45. My daytime resting pulse is 56-60, so <45 at night isn't unusual.

What's important is how you feel. From what you've said, you could use a thorough going-over by a capable diagnostician.

And if your husband thinks you're neurotic, sign him up for a course in compassion. :-)


All, thank you for your support just spent the afternoon in A&E they have susspected a clot on my lung and given me an injection and back for a scan tomorrow. Originally they mentioned a heart monitor but changed their minds it did get rather busy and i was discharged in a bit of a rus, so hopefully they have not missed anything. But thank you for your replies I do resemble a pin cushion now.

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