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Heartrate when walking

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I'm trying to get a guage on what my heart rate should be when walking, and I mean a gentle stroll as opposed to a brisk walk. I am on beta blockers so my resting heart rate is now 60 or under. When I had my 7 day monitor on, my cardiologist said there were a number of times when I was walking that I went into AFib. I have a fitbit so keep an eye on my HR. I know it doesn't read correctly if I'm having a full blown AFib episode but sometimes when I go walking it jumps up pretty quickly from 58 to 130 then goes down to 70 or 80. I'm trying to understand what is going on with my body.

It would be good to get an understanding of what the HR variation should be when in sinus rhythm.


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I take 5mg of bisoprolol am and 2

.5 mg of bisoprolol pm, my resting pulse is normally about 56 bpm and after a gentle dog walk this will rise to high 60's low 70's. Hope that helps 🙄

Snap! Similar meds and similar heart rate at a reasonably paced walk. Use "Cardiograph' mobile app which appears accurate when in normal rhythm.

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Bennie is the app just called cardiograph

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That's it!

I'm on Bisoprolol 5mg daily at night. Mine is 62 to 65 bpm

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OK I'm not on any drugs for AF and my resting heart rate is around 65. I don't have a dog but I do have arthritis which means my walking is not good.

What is interesting is that this hot weather, just sitting in the shade my HR is up to 75. No problem at all. Just working harder to keep me cool. BP doesn't alter so this is obviously natural. Try not to worry about your heart . It will tell you when it is unhappy.

Be careful using a FitBit to check your heart rate. They can be very inaccurate and cause you unneeded anxiety. I am on beta blockers after ablation. My heart rate is about 55-60. But I could get up and walk across the room and it would jump to 110 on FitBit. I finally went out and bought a chest strap monitor. That same walk across the room might raise my heart rate by 1 or 2 beats, not 50 or 60.

Taking 2.5 Bisoprolol twice daily. Resting HR is 46-48. Brisk walking, I do about 7 km daily and HR only gets up to 64. I think this is lower than it should be but I don't feel any worse other than tired perhaps.

My resting heart rate is 54 but when walking in the heat 30c, it was getting to 70 bpm. That's walking the gorges around Kununnura which is medium exertion. Haven't tried to over exert but I've stayed in NSR with no problems.

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