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Home again


After a 3 night hospital stay I’m home again. My heart is still flipping in and out of AFib and Flutter but at a much lower rate. I’m now on Digoxin as well the maximum dose of Sotalol. I feel a bit zonked but I guess that is to be expected. The cardiologist said not to run any marathons this week (just when I was about to take up the sport too 😂). He said he’ll call me when he gets the results of the endocrine tests if there’s anything that concerns him or if the blood tests show he’s poisoning me with the Digoxin he is marinating me in (I love a doctor with a great sense of humour). I’ll ring my EP tomorrow to see if I can get to see him sooner than my scheduled appointment. He is overseas for another week. Meanwhile it’s back to reading my books, listening to podcasts and watching Netflix. If you like podcasts, health and food check out The Food Medic podcast. It’s hosted by a young UK doctor who is also a personal trainer with an interest in nutrition. Her key message is around “health” rather than “sickness”.

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Good to hear you are home, wishing you well.

Great news! Glad to hear you are on the mend 👍👍

Glad you are home take it easy.


There's no place like home 🏡 The docs comment about marinating you really amused me. Best wishes Kaz 🌻


Glad to hear you are home, Kaz! Love your doc's comment. Wish they all had that sense of humor! 😻🌺

Good news Kaz, rest up & get better x

Good to hear your are home, enjoys your own views again!

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