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Nuts, noticing improvements


Hi since I started taking concor 2.5 my daily I had lower beats or relaxed rhythm but doesn't see real healthy state got an a fib attack but with beats below 100 so concor was helping then

I started consuming nuts, pistachios, wallnut, cashew nuts and things from there took off for the good I felt really good and I thought is there a relation between a fib and nuts?

If this keeps on for the better will see if Dr agree on stopping concor for good

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Well it looks like you could be right.

Have you seen an electrophysiologist?

Woundbird in reply to Badger2021

No should I? I saw cardiologist actually 2 of em

Badger2021 in reply to Woundbird

Well you said previously you thought you had had AF for ten years. In your position, I would be running the idea of EP referral by my GP (family physician) to get best advice about meds and possible ablation.

Woundbird in reply to Badger2021

don't think my condition require abelation now otherwise Dr would required me to do it

I will focus on heart healthy foods like salmon and nuts and hope this improves further

Thx for ur concern

Hidden in reply to Badger2021

The bmi article you referred to sounds very interesting Oyster !

Woundbird in reply to Hidden

Try and update us here if possible

I have been consuming the above nuts and seen improvements that might even put me off meds

Yes - particularly almonds & walnuts. I make my own almond milk from organic almonds and spring water and put my breakfast overnight oats.

Have you ever tried “Crazy-Go-Nuts”? My gosh - they are delicious! I saw a bag of them at Home Goods -was walnuts with coconuts. Amazing! Then my daughter told me they were selling out everywhere and I had never even heard them. Anyway- if you can get your hands on a bag of Crazy-Go-Nuts, they are worth the indulgence. I have only tried Coconut-Walnut, but I am pre-ordering the Holiday bags from QVC or on their website, if they haven’t sold out. Nope! Don’t work for anyone or anything associated with this raving- just obsessed with their delicious nuts!

Woundbird in reply to Aprilbday

We have imported raw and roasted nuts also manufactured ones which is sold in malls

Easy to get by and good quality

I have not eaten my tabs since yesterday as I don't feel I need them anymore but I guess better start them and wait my Dr order


I've eaten a variety of nuts on a daily basis, for most of my adult life, convinced of their nutritional benefits. All I can assume is, that I would have had even worse AF if I hadn't eaten so many nuts!? The factors contributing to my AF progression must have sadly outweighed the nut eating benefits.

I love nuts anyway, especially so after moving to Catalonia and finding the village and surrounding hills have lots of massive walnut trees. My mother and I have been sneaking about relieving the trees of their nuts when we think no one is looking; we have peeled the husks, cracked the shells, and now have several trays drying on our terrace. The walking and the nut sneaking has provided us with some happy times, and the freshly dried walnuts are delicious :o)

Woundbird in reply to WendyWu20

Interesting happy story with lots of walnuts, I just consumed 4 of em they are in front of me all the time now they go in salads perfectly

based on that feeling of improvements I added hazelnut to the group of goodness

Are u recently trying again walnut and see how it goes? As u know I have a variety of nuts on daily basis

Aprilbday in reply to WendyWu20

Wendy! Oh my goodness-to be able to just stroll to the tree and eat them so fresh! I should not be so envious!

WendyWu20 in reply to Aprilbday

Not quite a stroll. More a very surreptitious sneak. Mother has a little backpack we hide them in, and has 'developed a bad knee' so she takes a walking stick (not really needed) to we can persuade the walnuts off the higher branches. With regular furtive glances around, in case a farmer or a local comes by. Then you have to hull the outer green husk, shell them and dry them in the sun for a week. But they taste amazing :o) and I'm sure if we didn't pick them, the squirrels and wild boars would eat them. Es bonissim!

As well as other "good things" nuts contain good amounts of magnesium a go to for heart health.

I totally agree. I was on a healthy eating weight loss thing about 6 months ago. I ate loads of nuts instead of snacking on choc etc. My ectopics where lots better and I felt better. I had walnuts, almonds and brazils👍

This sounds very interesting.

So is it any nuts or only certain ones?

Woundbird in reply to Johnno333

I focused on the widely available ones here walnut pistachios cashew nuts

I think almonds and walnuts

I had to update this thread as I noticed that pistachio gave me an alergy so I will slow down on that and keep others walnut and almond in moderation maybe 4 times a week with a little handful

Juat an update to this thread

Was not pistachios that gave me bad reaction in my stomach aka the alergy so how I felt it

It was Apple Cider Vinger as my tolerance is very bad I had to stop it and all good now

Am meds free since a month now and my heart rate is excellent 60s and 70s

So yea for nuts

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