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Another AF "event" so close to ablation


AGAIN it's in the night, 1am. I wish I knew what caused it.... not sure this time if it woke me up, or I woke up and caused it. Hitting the realms of 120bpm and irregular.

Did as instructed a few weeks ago and took my extra 50mg of Flecanide for the day, as well as an additional 2.5 bisoprolol (making it 12.5 for the day)

Managed to go back to sleep til 6am where it's still batting at 110-120, but as with 1am I managed to go downstairs, this time to take morning meds, and back up without feeling like I'd collapse.

Also, sorry, when I had my bowels open (making sure I did a bit of vagus nerve stimulation whilst bearing down, sorry) and it's settled a little rate wise - 60-90 when captured but the rhythm is still very much irregular.

Was supposed to be in work today but haven't gone in, I have pre-op in Manchester tomorrow and a routine ECG on Monday from the last hospital admission/to monitor the increase in meds.

I want to try and avoid ED this time (we're under immense bed/resource pressure) unless I'm on the verge of collapse (haven't felt like that yet) and last until pre op 64 miles away and/or ECG on Monday so it can be captured but OH isn't keen.

Will keep you updated!

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Sorry to hear that AF has reared its ugly head again. People who have never experienced having it have no idea of the anguish it can cause. Never forget we are here for you and know just what it's like. Really feel for you and wish you well. Thank goodness your next ablation isn't too far away.


Thanks Jean at least it was moved forward so only another 11 days to wait...... trouble is I can only really do a couple of days at 250mg flecanide a day before I'll have to go to A&E anyway

Why can you only do a few days at that dose of Flecainide? I take 2 x 100mg daily and 300mg is the 24hr limit. When you're in AF, 11 days seems a long way away!

They said I could take my 100mg BD and an adittional 50 mg at any point during that 24 hours but if it carried on for more than 2 days I was to present at ED to be checked. I wonder if it's because of flutter and flecanide making it worse they want to check which it is so I don't keep piling flecanide on top of flutter.

Yes, I bet it's because of flutter.

Sorry to hear that Jedi, it’s a bummer for sure. Not long to wait now so hang on in there and think NSR and do a few visualisations of what NSR looks and feels like. I know I got quite anxious a few days prior to both ablations and then started believing I didn’t really need an ablation - then bang - so I chose to believe that the event was just a reminder that I did!


G'day Jedi Master,

Well, if you want pure guess work I'd guess you ate something the night before which has inflamed/aggravated the vagal nerve. This happened to me last February and I was sleeping on my left side. I am not sure that the sleep position tripped me into AF, heart rate hit a chaotic 149, however, I cannot exclude the fact that the root cause was food the night before stirring up the VN.

This event reverted on its own to NSR however my BP took another 21 hours to revert to normal.

May the force be with you.


That can't be every time! the last 3 have all been at night, and before that my night time one was being up all night at work and it hit at 5am.

Didn't eat anything different, very healthy lean butchers sausages which were not our usual though, and no snacks as I was getting shot on the Playstation! Even came to bed early cos of work at 7am :(

What do you mean 'very healthy ......sausages'?! Sausages contain preservatives which cause breathing problems and gastro symptoms in sensitive individuals, more likely in people with asthma but still possible in others. You are probably going to say you've eaten them before but maybe you got lucky before. A food diary would be a good idea. Added to that is the huge dose of Bisoprolol which can't help. I am puzzled why you are so symptomatic at relatively low HR and an undiagnosed breathing problem could account for it. I'm a very unfit 74 year old with asthma etc and I don't collapse below 150/160 BPM and I'm sure you're not exaggerating/imagining it so something weird is going on......

Really feel for you, I know what a struggle life is on 12.5mg Bisoprolol

Have you been tested for Sleep Apnea? I know that it has helped my AF burden using a CPAP at night

Really hope they get you sorted soon

Nope but I'm willing to discuss options particularly as it is now a regular thing at nights not the day after exertion like past times.

It was my EP that suggested that it my be one of my factors.

At least 5 years previously I had asked my GP to be referred to the sleep clinic, but they refused.

Maybe if I'd been more persistent I wouldn't be in this club now.

My EP referred me, and I was tested and diagnosed as very mild sleep apnea 2 months later.

Because my sats dropped to 80% or less and I have AF I was given the CPAP.

Absolutely hated it at first, but it's normal to me now

***update*** drifted back to sleep was woken by my eldest complaining she couldn't find stuff (as per) and went to the loo, as I was stood there I did more vagus nerve stimulation and went REALLY dizzy to the point I was going to fall down and pee all over myself, made it back to bed... monitored everything, NSR!!!!

Yay, that's good news

Hi Jedi

Glad to hear you’re back in NSR. I’m interested to hear about what vagus nerve stimulation exercises you do. I’ve been researching various breathing exercises and have found this useful. It does make me lightheaded but I’m sure it’s helped get me back into NSR a few times.

"Didn't eat anything different, very healthy lean butchers sausages which were not our usual though, "

I would put money on the above as sausages tend to be (very) high in fat. The fat would be enough to cause unwanted stimulation of your system. Also bear in mind; just because it hasn't been recognised as being a culprit in the know the rest!

See my post this morning re sleep apnea. I will post again when and if I get any more feedback on my problem.

Regarding the bed crisis. They say that too much knowledge is not always a good thing. I suggest that if you need ED you need ED and your inside knowledge should not influence your decision.


I've got a massive throbbing headache and waves of nausea and I don't know quite why, been mindful to keep fluids up!

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Apology for coming in late and hope by now your feeling better...Don't want to appearing to be teaching you to suck eggs here but have you considered having a food allergy/ sensitivity test...I am severely affected by foods, chemicals and environmental factors...Big part from the deadly nightshade family ..


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I don't know, someone mentioned sausages earlier and I remember a couple of my teatime ones coming after eating sausage & mash/sausage & egg

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It just may be the answer ....

Yeast in the spuds may be or like someone else suggested the sausages..

Good luck anyway.


Sausages of all kinds have preservatives and spicings in,which may aggravate us sensitive souls....just saying., x

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It is very hard to pinpoint which food is causing the problem, I have only realised recently that fish (unless straight from the river) upsets me. I couldn't believe it before because like jedi I believed it was healthy, which it is, but not for me 🙁 The reaction may not show up until over a day later which makes it even harder.

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Yes, that is how I finally made the connection. I have generally been so well tummy wise since I haven't researched further. It has been a very long time since I had freshly caught fish so I haven't tested that tbh, it could just be the fish. Sausages are also a bit of a lottery, sometimes ok, sometimes not.

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Exactly...Certain substances show straight away with me ie tongue blisters and increased saliva...However,others like your fish only show distressing symptoms three days later eg Alcohol and foods containing yeast send my heart rate soaring and fluttering...


Hope you are settling down,sorry just seen this.AF is a real bummer isnt it?

Hope all goes well Monday and the following ablation,Thinking of you x

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