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Ectopic beats after AV node ablation .....I'm worried.


I had an AV model ablation in January after a year of failed procedures to sort out permanent AF. I thought I was sorted as my heart has been beating regularly thanks to the pacemaker and I haven't been at all concerned..... until now. I've started getting pauses, feels like missed beats. I phoned the pacemaker clinic and cardio nurse and they both say these are breakthrough ectopic beats and lots of people get them, but I haven't for the last 8 months. I'm very aware of these beats and worried.

Have any of you had similar problems and can you give me information and advice.

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Hi Triple - sorry no-one has answered your post - the forum is quiet today.

I know very little about pacemakers but too much about ectopics. They are normal and horrible and it’s not really any consolation that everybody gets them! I had a look in the Pacemaker group and I found a similar question to yours with ten answers from people giving advice. I can cope with the thongs by deep breathing and taking magnesium which seems to keep them under some control.

Here is the thread on that other site - hopefully one of our members will see your post soon:

TRIPLE7 in reply to Finvola

Thank you so much. I'll look on the link. It's slightly comforting that these ectopic beats are normal.... But I am disappointed. Xx

Hi Triple7

I have pacemaker and had AV node ablation in 2015. I still have episodes

of A fib. They don’t last as long as before, minutes rather than days, but it’s disappointing. Please try not to worry too much I was the same with worry and depression. It must be hard for you after 8 months of ‘freedom.’ Finvola gave good suggestion with the pacemaker group.

I hope things start to improve for you .

Sending Best wishes Bobisgirl x

TRIPLE7 in reply to Bobisgirl

Thanks Bobisgirl. Yes you're right, after all I went through last year and 8 months of relief, this has hit me hard. I have times when I can't breathe and my chest is tight. I know I'm panicking, but it's such a disappointment. I'm going to the pacemaker clinic on Wednesday, maybe they can reassure me. Xx

Bobisgirl in reply to TRIPLE7


I am pleased you are going to the Pacemaker Clinic and I am sure you will be reassured. Please let us know what they said. Thanks . Best wishes

Bobisgirl x


This is me too except I don’t feel the ectopics 20,000 a day. I’m reluctantly on Amiodorone to try and reduce them but it doesn’t seem to do much. I’m just grateful I feel better with CRT than before when I was in constants AF. It’s a compromise I suppose

TRIPLE7 in reply to dragonflyjan

Thanks for replying. I've not heard of the CRT device so I had to look it up. It's incredible the this little thing and pacemakers are helping our precious hearts. We are very lucky, but it's still not easy, grateful though we are, dealing with the symptoms and worry. Take care. Xx

Cutlass in reply to dragonflyjan

See if tykosyn is a option over amoderone. Amoderone after a few years affected my thyroid and my cardiologist sent me to am electropgyoligist for a second opinion. I was put on tykosyn 250 and it has kept me out of afib with some occasional bouts. Only thing with tykosyn is that you have to go in hospital for three days for observation when starting this drug. Hope the s helps but I would truly look into affects of amoderone.

Cutlass in reply to dragonflyjan

Can you ask your cardiologist about tykosyn. I was on amoderone and taken off. Tykosyn has less side effects.

dragonflyjan in reply to Cutlass

I’ve only been on a reducing dose of amioradone for a short time with several 24 hour healers to monitor it doesn’t seem to have been doing much. I have a Skype consultation soon with my ep Professor and see what he recommends then. Just had a bad day breathless and lethargic so disappointing after a fairly good run.

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