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61yr old been on Tilden la 200mg and bebdroflumethiazide 2.5mg for over 12 years. Now being asked to add 1mg of doxazosin into the mix at bp high. I'm worried about the mix as when looking on the enclosed leaflet it says 'warning' do not give to anyone with high blood pressure! What are your thoughts and is anyone out there that is in the same prescription?

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Hello there and welcome.

Health Unlocked has a separate High Blood Pressure Support forum and you might get better answers there.

In the meantime, I'd suggest that you have a word with your pharmacist.

All the best!

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Thank you your thoughts on the matter


My husband has been on bebndroflumethiazide,doxasozin, atenolol and losartan for 20 years plus for his hypertension with no side effects. Rwcentky he has lost weight and was getting dizziness and so losartan and bendroflumethiazide stopped over 8 weeks. Again all well.


Thank you Bagrat, I read that Doxazosin was very addictive , but if your hubby was taken of both Doxasozin and Bendroflu. Then that gives me hope as I'm making changes to my diet and it is working so I'm dragging my feet a little before I take the plunge. I would love to be in the position to reduce melds to one tablet a day at least.


No he's still on doxazosin which is the one I was hoping they would wean him off as it can cause postural hypotension ( dizziness when going from lying to standing .


Does he take it morning or night?

It say in the leaflet yo take at night with a full glass of water.

I was also concerned when I read it was used for the treatment for prostrate problems and I don't have a prostrate! 😀


He does not read/ won't read leaflets and has always taken it in the morning with his breakfast and a gulp of water.


Thank you Bagrat, all info is taken on board.


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