Hypertension and CHADS score

Does anyone know whether the "hypertension " risk factor means "any history of hypertension" or "current hypertension?" I know that normal blood pressure as a result of meds still ticks the risk box, but I'm asking about hypertension that has been resolved due to lifestyle changes. I recently lost 50 pounds and my blood pressure is now normal without meds. Does this remove that risk factor? I can't find anything on topic. Thanks for any replies.

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  • I've lost between 35 and 40 pounds in the last year and my blood pressure has gone up in that time, so in my case at least, the risk factor is definitely still there.

  • Hi Jeff

    Congratulations on the weight loss, there is increasingly evidence that this is a strong factor for some in AF so that will help you considerably I am sure.

    I simply don't know the direct answer to your question, but personally? I score zero on CHADS2 and I take my anticoagulant every day and am happy to do so, For me on that awful risk reward decision tree we all have to negotiate, I am all for the reduced risk of stroke and yes increased risk of a bleed.

    Be well


  • I don't know the answer, but I had slightly high blood pressure as a young man, but now older I do not. As that was decades ago, I answer no to the question. If it had been just a few years ago though, I'd answer yes just to play on the safe side.

    But in reality I haven't a clue.

    On another subject, I have seen a CHADS score system on a med site on the web, that also gives you a point for high cholesterol, and that question was worded "Have you ever been diagnosed with high cholesterol".


  • Hi. Once its there, it's history.


  • Thanks. Are you saying once you've had hypertension at all, that is a risk factor forever? If so, do you have a cite to anything that says that?

  • Medicines lowering anything below the thresholds do not count. Read it in a number of places (but cannot remember specifics - try AFA or CareAF websites. Also Beancounter's recent responses to posts.

  • I'm saying that once you have hypertension, even settled for many years, you will find it noted as a history of hypertension, on your medical history. They see it as you are prone to this problem. I cite my medical history notes. If you are eager to find where it is stated in medical literature, I cannot help.

    I found myself many times in your situation with medics flinging the accusation of once hypertension, at me, much as it has been settled for 3 years. A weakness, if you like. I don't like it either. It follows you thru time like the albatross hanging from the neck. Always on the medics system. Cannot escape it. Very frustrating.

    But then they're just being careful, and that's the crux of it. They have to be very careful and therefore be aware that this was once a problem.

    Be well


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