Pulmonary hypertension

When the EP was doing my 4th ablation he discovered evidence of pulmonary hypertension in the left ventricle. I have just seen the 'lung' consultant and have to have tests to find out why as I have never smoked. He said that if untreated it can cause AF and thickening of the heart walls, so maybe it was the root cause of my AF and heart failure. Of course researching on the Internet has worried me considerably. Does anyone have any knowledge on pulmonary hypertension? Thank you.

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  • Right ventricle surely? This is the side of the heart which pumps blood to the lungs.

  • Yes, that's the de-oxygenated blood. The Lung consultant said that it was noticed that there was less oxygen in the blood in the left ventricle (from the lungs) than there should be.

  • phassociation.uk.com/ Good place to go.

    I have AF Tachy and RLD with PH plus a few other problems and put them together and it gives all sorts of problems. I found I had PH when I had a spirometry test at hospital 2012 and then they did the PH test and found I had it. I am now at the stage were I am exercise intolerant but do recover fairly quickly, but that is more down to knowing when to stop now!

    A lot of the drugs used for AF are used for PH. One thing I will say is it is controlled better than it has ever been, do not look at sites that are not PH specific it will frighten you to death ;) and bases most of the information on hearsay and old data.

    Be Well

  • Thank you Offcut. I have put the site on my favourites and will look at later.

    My spirometry test was just about 70% and he seemed pleased with that.

  • I am 57% but lose a further 12% when flat :(

    It is a lot of the time as long as you feel okay you are? Know your limits.

    Be well

  • My dog has PHT. It works the same in humans, so here's what I can tell you.

    It can start with a leaky heart valve. Circulation to/from the lungs is impaired, the lungs get backed up and try to compensate, the heart gets overworked, and eventually it fails.

    Blood pressure in the right side is much lower than the left, or it should be. When it rises, the right side dilates, making the left side smaller. So the whole body is affected.

    You may know that sildenafil (Viagra) was originally developed to help heal the lungs in cases of PHT.

  • They put me on Sildenafil but I felt like my head was going to explode and they have taken me off it.

  • Is there anything else that can help? Have you had an ultrasound (echocardiogram) to evaluate your heart's structure and function? It might be helpful to know if your valves are leaking or if the problem arises in the lungs. PH is a cardiopulmonary problem, and if my dog's experience is any indication, treating one part of it will help the other.

    Good luck!

  • I have had many tests over the years. My Body does not seem to play by the rules. I had a random blood pressure check and I felt fine but it was so high my GP nearly admitted me. I was told to go back 3 times that day then daily for a another BP test and by the 3rd day it was normal But nothing had changed in my life. I have had 3 Ablations and 8 CV to get me back on track. But I still get AF etc.

    I am been treated with a massive dose of AB for a lung infection I have had for 3 weeks now. I keep a PMA as the only way forward now.

    Be Well

  • Back in 2001 I was found to have very high BP - something like 170/120. I was surprised, since I didn't notice a thing.

    You might want to get a wrist-mounted BP checker. I have one made by Omron and have found it gives me the same readings as at the doc's office.

    Have you thought of offering yourself up to the nearest medical school? :-)

  • Inaccurate if you are in AF at the time. Can be 50% out Either high or low). Only one cuff monitor approved for use in UK for AFib at home.

  • I didn't know it was even possible to get a BP reading while AF is active. I guess you have only one option then.

  • Thank you for all your replies. My Echoes over the years have shown that I have a leaky valve but the EP said 'nothing to worry about.'

    My blood pressure is normally very low around 100 over 70. I am on a BB.

    Kodaska - was that a joke about medical school?

  • It was said in a light-hearted way (note the smiley at the end of the sentence).

  • Thank you - but it's a thought!

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