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An update on my AF

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Hi, all. As an update to my previous post re my cardiologist. He has referred me to Dr Glyn Thomas, an electrophysiologist at the Bristol Heart Institute, for an Av node ablation. That was in June. I haven't yet heard from him. My cardiologist said that his son has just had an ablation after a four month wait.

Maybe BobD is right about an eight month wait at Bristol!! However, I am now taking Diltiazem and, so far, its kept AF at bay, which is such a relief from the daily episodes that I was experiencing!

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I had just under a 5 month wait from seeing an EP to the date of the ablation, at the Bristol Heart Institute.

Interesting that Diltiazem is working where Bisoprolol didn't, goes to show it is worth trying different meds if one doesn't help.

Hope you get an appointment soon.


We have a 10/12 month waiting list for ablations at Royal Sussex hospital in Brighton ( I'm in no hurry 😦🀀)

I was put on the waiting list for my ablation in June 2017. I've just got a date for September 2018! Is that a record?

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Well at least you have a date ! ( better than to be given a few days notice )πŸ™‚

I have a 12 to 18 month wait at UHCoventry and Walsgrave.....!

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