My son's af

I mentioned a week or so ago about my son's experience with his gp regarding his af. I thought (mistakenly) he was getting a bit of a raw deal. Actually, I didn't understand about the timing of a cardioversion, but the hospital staff were right on the button. Today he saw his gp again, and has been referred to the cardiologist for the possibility of a catheter ablation!

I'm not sure of the timing here, but he seems quite happy about it. He just checked in with me that it wouldn't kill him, and now refuses to talk about it at all.

This is not unusual for my son who has adhd, and all that entails! I'm astonished once again, but mostly because he's so chirpy about it, but also that it has progressed to a stage where he actually needs an ablation. His progress through the system is astonishingly fast.

I suspect he is in persistent af, rather than my kind, which is paroxysmal. It's like getting blood out of a stone, trying to get details and relevant info from him.

I know this isn't about me, and I hope I'm not too far off topic.


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  • Hi Jan, sorry to hear all that but glad he has been so well looked after. Do I take it you won;pt be at our next lunch next Thursday near Taunton?


  • No, Bob, sadly, I wouldn't get back in time for work I'm afraid.

    Yes, I'm pretty pleased they're getting on with his treatment. And so glad he's not freaked by it. They must have explained things very well and sensitively to him.


  • Hi Where abouts is your meeting near Taunton? is it for anyone with A/F to attend


  • The New Mill. 12 30 for 1 pm. I have booked for 8 but need to increase sop we will probably have two tables. I have been advertising this lunch for some time now under West Country Lunch. We get together about three times a year.


  • Hi Bob,

    Many thanks for your reply. It’s my husband that has A/F, he has no symptoms, found out by chance going for a pre-op. I thought that he might like to meet up with people with similar problems, and as we live in Curry Rivel not far from the meeting, it could have been ideal.

    But sadly he said no (he is a very quiet man).

    But thanks for getting back to me.


  • O K sorry you can't make it.


  • Hi Jan. I think some E.Ps are doing the procedure sooner than they used to and also they may be keen to crack on and do it before it becomes permanent. Sorry to hear he has this to put up with as well as A.D.H.D. x

  • Hi Jan, so pleased that things are moving in the right direction for him. What a worry for you !!!!

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