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Update on kidney function.

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Just to let you know that I saw GP and voiced my concerns ree EGfr he compared with previous results and said it had bee 41 two years ago so as the recent one was 43 there had in fact been an improvement although not normal was really unconcerned. He did not agree with me when I said kidney function was fine until starting Apixaban . I have to have a 24hour blood pressure monitor to look at BP as I admitted to being a little non compliant with the Natrilix as I feel awful with all BP tablets and I have tried a lot these being the only ones that don't make me hypotensive. So watch this space.

Thank you for all your replies to my previous question.

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I think your GP may be being rather cavalier. Did he start you on apixaban? The following guidance from an NHS trust says "Extreme caution is advised when prescribing a NOAC to a patient with any degree of renal

impairment (particularly if eGFR <50). The half-lives of the NOACs can be significantly prolonged in patients with renal impairment and doses may accumulate; patients who are acutely unwell can deteriorate very quickly.":


Thank you MarkS have printed that info off and will present him with it at my next appt. I am totally convinced it's the Apixaban my EGfr was 59 when I started the Apixaban now 43. My cardiologist stated that we don't worry about it unless it drops below 30!! If the risk of having a stroke with AF wasn't so high I would just stop them but know that would be foolhardy, too bigger risk to take.

It the medicine Eliquis the blood thinner? I am on that one. Is there another safer blood thinner we can be on? Thank you

Rebma as far as I know there are three other NOACS ( new oral anticoagulants) all are much the same to my knowledge. There is of course the old faithful Warfarin but I personally didn't want all the blood tests and dietary restriction that go with it. Research shows that Apixaban is as good as if not better than Warfarin which is why I opted to take it. I will continue it but will keep a close eye on my kidney function by having six monthly bloods instead of yearly.

How long have you been on Eliquis? I was started on it 12/24/17. Thank you. I see a nephrologist and he never mentioned anything. I will call tomorrow and ask for kidney function test.

Rebma my GP put me on it in 2012. Anti coags are a must as the risk of stroke in people with AF is high, so I won't be stopping it.

This afib is a life changer. Are you mostly in sinus rythum? Do you take other meds? I am on metoprolol, fosinopril, Eliquis and Crestor. Had bp for 30 years and controlled. But this afib is another issue all together. Thank you

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