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Diagnosed with hypersomnolence and not sleep apnea. so I dont need a CPAP machine I was told


Happy Friday All.... I did my sleep study at the lab and I dont have sleep apnea but was diagnosed with hypersomnolence. Anyone heard of this? have never heard this name in relations to me having AFib. And I wont be needing the CPAP machine. Not sure if this is good news or not. I welcome any thoughts on this... Thank you

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Hello Flo... I just had to look it up... hope they can prescribe something to help you!


sounds like a cousin of narcolepsy but I expect you have had this explained to you.A friend had narcolepsy .He was a scientist but due to falling asleep during experiments was unpopular in his field.Are you still allowed to drive. Good luck with any treatment possibly. .

so interesting that I am still driving, i do have the irregular heartbeats so I did the sleep study to find out what is causing it. I dont think this sleep thing is severe because i still work and function normally, but i am extremely exhausted during the day.

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If it is some kind of narcolepsy or sleep disorder you still have to inform the DVLA by completing their form. You likely won’t be insured as your drivers licence will not be valid if you fail to do so

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