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So I need to have a check up?


Hi, I’m stood with a cuppa resting against my left breast and we can see the cup visibly moving to my heart rhythm. My hubby has tried with his and there’s no movement. He says my heart is really over working and I should see the doctor to review my meds. (Bisoprolol, 5mg x1.5/ Artovastatin/ Dabigatrsn Pradaxa x2) I feel well so I’m not sure? Has any one got suggestions pls? Is it normal for Paroxysm AF? Thankyou I can see my jumper moving?

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The only way to tell is get an ECG and someone competent to interpret it.

What’s your HR?

Valdoot in reply to CDreamer

Hi, I’ve just taken it and it’s 70. It is normally about 60 so it’s a bit higher. It’s the being able to see the beat that’s worrying.

CDreamer in reply to Valdoot

When we have AF we are just much more conscious of it - I can also see mine sometimes. 70 would be considered very normal.

Valdoot in reply to CDreamer

Thankyou very much.

Thankyou so much

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